Featured image of Pokras Lampas 3D Prints Lost Soviet-Era ‘Girl with an Oar’ Statue
3D Printing Meets "Calligraffiti"

Pokras Lampas 3D Prints Lost Soviet-Era ‘Girl with an Oar’ Statue

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by Hanna Watkin
Aug 8, 2018

Russian artist, Pokras Lampas' most recent installation for the 90th anniversary of Moscow's Gorky Park is a 3D printed copy of the famous Soviet sculpture, Girl with an Oar, covered with quotes from modern Russian literature.

Pokras Lampas is a St Petersburg-based artist known for his “calligraffiti” style – the mix of graffiti and calligraphy. His work has been commissioned by the likes of Lamborghini, FENDI, Pirelli, Dries Van Noten, Adidas and YSL.

For his most recent project, Lampas used 3D printing and calligraffiti to create a modern reproduction of the Soviet Union’s famous Girl with an Oar sculpture.

Created by Ivan Shadr and Romuald Iodko in 1935, the original Girl with an Oar was 8 meters tall and a popular symbol of socialist realism. Despite its popularity, the sculpture in its various guises disappeared.

Theories for why this is are that it was either destroyed in a Moscow bombing raid or that it was secretly removed by officials who deemed the sculpture to be too erotic.

Lampas’ recreation marks the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park and is now on display. It will also appear on the cover of Russia’s Esquire magazine. Lampas explains his work by saying:

“If you want to understand Girl with an Oar, just read the text … The meaning of modern calligraphy is not to maintain the tradition of writing. This is a search for new forms, an attempt to understand how the culture will change under the influence of global trends.” (translated from Russian).

Recreating the Girl with an Oar using 3D Printing

Lampas decided to create the Girl with an Oar especially for Russia’s Esquire literary issue. As magnificent as the sculpture is to regard, the work that went into it is also an impressive feat.

Esquire published comments from the artist and the process he took. Firstly, the Girl with an Oar was 3D printed by Temporum, a relatively young 3D printing company that is in the process of designing its own machine for printing.

Temporum printed the Girl to be 4 meters tall. The 3D model they used was created from photographs of the original sculpture. Due to her height, the Girl had to be printed in parts of just 30 centimeters.

The parts were then put together and reinforced from the inside. The process of completing the 3D print took just under a month. Post-processing took a further two weeks.

Finally, Lampas was able to get his hands on the sculpture and add his calligraffiti. He explains:

“Usually I work in the format “I’m an artist, I create something, and the viewer sees an abstract thing.” But the last year I began to actively use the typeface, which combines the message and art. The art part catches the eye and works with associations, and the printed one – makes the idea more understandable, because the meaning in calligraphy is always difficult to read, it requires concentrated attention and a certain context.”

See (and read, if you understand Russian) more about Lampas’ inspiration and process on the Russian Esquire website.

Girl with an Oar

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