Featured image of Photocentric Launches “Disruptive” LC Magna DLP Printer Offering Large Build Volume
510 mm x 280 mm x 350 mm

Photocentric Launches “Disruptive” LC Magna DLP Printer Offering Large Build Volume

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by Hanna Watkin
Jun 19, 2019

3D printer manufacturer Photocentric has unveiled what it's calling a "disruptive industry-changing 3D printer", the LC Magna which boasts high accuracy and a large build volume.

Photocentric, the manufacturer of 3D printers and resin based in Peterborough, UK, is introducing the Liquid Crystal (LC) Magna, which it is calling the largest build volume LCD screen-based printer on the market. The LC Magna boasts a build volume of 510 mm x 280 mm x 350 mm.

The company also claims this printer is cost-effective and enables large component prototyping and custom mass manufacture. On its website, the company writes: “Offering highly accurate and detailed parts in a record time at a revolutionary scale, the LG Magna is tailored for every industry.”

The printer’s 4K Ultra HD screen offers a rapid cure time of between 3 and 8 seconds. The company hopes that these times will bring a disruptive change to the custom mass manufacturing of every industry.

Keeping the 3D Printing Experience Simple

Photocentric is one of the only companies to use LCD screens for additive manufacturing and holds patents in visible light curing technologies. It is also working with sixteen universities to enhance its research.

Now, the company is working hard on creating LCD 3D printers. The LC Magna is the first model of the company’s next-gen large format LCD printers with more to come at the end of this year.

As well as boasting a large build volume, Photocentric explains that it has spent time working on making sure the LC Magna is simple and easy to use.

It offers everything from integrated carry handles, easy pour spouts and a depth gauge to ensure you have enough resin in the vat. The machine was “built to last” with a patented peeling system which was stress tested to withstand solid printing of 15kg.

Photocentric offers special resins for the LC Magna, like High Tensile White and Hard Black for Prototyping and also Dental White for dental models, and finally Concept Green for creative design applications. For those waiting for more materials, there‘s also a partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions announced.

Photocentric explains that the LC Magna can be used to mass produce dental models resulting in 46 dental arches in just two hours, hugely reducing cost.

It costs £10,995 to buy an LC Magna. This price also includes resin and a license for Photocentric Studio Software. You can find out more via the Photocentric website.

LC Magna
Photocentric expects the LC Magna to disrupt the dental industry (Source: Photocentric)

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