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Merchandise Gold Mine?

Ubisoft and Mixed Dimensions Offer 3D Printed Game Merchandise

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by Hanna Watkin
Feb 7, 2019

Mixed Dimensions, the integral reality company bridging the virtual and physical worlds, signed a licensing deal with Ubisoft, French video game company, to enable gamers to bring their creations into the physical world via 3D printing. 

Mixed Dimensions is a company which creates new technologies to bridge the virtual and physical worlds “through an innovative software platform.” Now, it has signed a licensing agreement with Ubisoft, the French gaming company.

As a result, Ubisoft users will be able to 3D print personalized versions of their favorite their gaming characters, moments and creations.

“We are excited to offer our innovative 3D printing service to Ubisoft. This new partnership further demonstrates the power of our GamePrint technology and continues our mission to enable gamers from around the world the ability to purchase customized gaming avatars, wargear, and vehicles that historically only lived in the virtual gaming space,” said Mo Taslaq, Mixed Dimensions CEO.

It’s possible to buy the 3D prints from Ubisoft’s gaming partner eCommerce stores. But, in the future, gamers will be able to buy directly from Mixed Dimensions. This collaboration may completely change the merchandise industry and we could see how customizing games merchandise may be a gold mine for 3D printing.


Disrupting Gaming Merchandize

Taslaq continues, “Partnering with Ubisoft gives us an amazing selection of gaming platforms that we can leverage to showcase the power of our GamePrint technology and reach new gaming audiences.”

GamePrint builds on the company’s 3D printing technology and enables gamers to collect their favorite gameplay moments by creating, capturing and then ordering the 3D printed collectibles. The company describes GamePrint as its vision to disrupt merchandising by using 3D Printing.

Meanwhile, the company also offers MakePrintable, cloud-baseded 3D CAD file fixing solution enables users to create prints with no experience of the technology.

“Our players are very passionate when it comes to their favorite Ubisoft icons in game. So we are happy to provide joy to our players by partnering with Mixed Dimensions to provide our fans a way to bring these icons into the real world,” said Robert Donsky, Ubisoft Senior Director of Retail Development.

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