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MatterHackers Launches Engineering-Grade Material: NylonG

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by Hanna Watkin
Sep 16, 2018

MatterHackers has launched a new advanced, engineering-grade material to join its catalog. This material is called NylonG - a glass-fiber infused Nylon that provides high tensile strength and resistance. 

MatterHackers, the Orange County-based 3D printing company which was founded in 2012, has announced the addition of a new 3D printing filament to its own-brand lineup.

Called NylonG, the new filament is a glass fiber-infused engineering-grade nylon. It promises high tensile strength and impact resistance.

MatterHackers explains that the glass fiber reinforces the flexibility in the base nylon. This provides a more rigid printed part with dimensional accuracy.

Dave Gaylord, MatterHackers Senior Director of Product, explains: “With the ever-increasing use of desktop 3D printing for industrial enterprise, continuing to expand our collection of durable materials is a necessary step… We’re very excited to add an impact-resistant material like NylonG – paired with the Pulse XE, the only printer that performs with advanced materials straight from the box, NylonG is a force of filament.”

NylonG MatterHackers

MatterHackers Continues to Expand its Advanced and Engineering-Grade Materials

Available exclusively on the MatterHackers website, you can find it in a range of colors with free postage for buyers in the US.

This industrial material was made for 3D printing production-ready parts. It joins other advanced and engineering-grade materials including, NylonX, Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene.

NylonG is similar to the company’s carbon fiber-infused nylon, NylonX. They both provide durable, stable parts and can protect components susceptible to impact or shock

“Providing the largest collection of 3D printers and supplies at an affordable price has always been a priority at MatterHackers… From our MH Build Series filament created and priced for every maker to our new NylonG, we hope to bring something to the table for everyone that is interested in 3D printing, whether it’s for a hobby or a burgeoning business,” said Kevin Pope, MatterHackers’ Chief Operations Officer.

MatterHackers assures customers that, although they’re continuing to expand their collection of advanced and engineering-grade materials, they’ll still remain focused on 3D printers, materials, and accessories for all levels of use.

Visit the MatterHackers website to find out more.

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