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Major Firmware Update, Multi-Extruder News for Prusa MK3/MK2.5

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Sep 18, 2018

Josef Průša, CEO and founder of Prusa Research, has released new major firmware for the MK3/MK2.5 3D printer, a new Slic3r PE 1.41.0, and the Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 is shipping now.

Josef Prusa, CEO and founder of Prusa Research, has released a few “major releases” for his popular 3D printers. He jokes that, although summer in Prague has been really hot, his team has been working away to provide users with new and exciting updates.

Finetuning the Multi Material Upgrade

When it comes to hardware, Prusa begins by explaining that the team has been working on shipping preparations and the final tests for the Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 printer. The MMU 2.o began shipping to customers at the end of August.

Prusa explains that after two weeks of shipping, the team is ready to set up MMU 2.0 estimates to its shipping table. To get more information on shipping table updates, follow Prusa3D on Twitter.

Smooth PEI Beds back in Stock

More good news as the Original Prusa i3 MK3 with smooth PEI sheets has been reduced to zero and printers are now in stock.

However, the company’s powder-coated steel sheets now have a lead order of three weeks. Prusa adds that the team has already managed to send a few thousand printers. But, they still don’t have enough powder coated sheets to offer them for separate orders due to suppliers not being able to meet the demand. Prusa estimates that we powder coated sheets won’t be sold as separate orders until the second half of October.

The team will be in New York at the World Maker Faire 2018 next weekend and promise further exciting announcements. But, let’s take a look at the new software updates from the company:

Prusa3D Software Updates to Download

For software updates, there is a new version of the firmware and Slic3r Prusa Edition. Prusa recommends upgrading to these new versions as soon as possible as they’re both “pretty much major releases”.

1. New firmware 3.4.0 for the Original Prusa i3 MK3 and MK2.5

  • Support for Multi Material Upgrade 2.0
  • Filament Sensor Engine 2.0 – analyzes filament flow and has been completely rewritten to improve the precision and reliability of the sensor.
  • Adjustable beeper notifications – now possible to modify the beeper settings. When you open the Settings menu on the LCD screen, you can choose from four sound presets. Happy bleeping.
  • Improved Power Panic (for MK3) – fixed issues of current code not being enough and makes power panic mode more reliable than before.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes – improvements of federate and acceleration limits, M84 G-code is back (great for timelapse videos), a status of the P.I.N.D.A. probe added to LCD menu, Linearity Correction menu is back.

2.  New pack of “Drivers and apps” includes Slic3r PE 1.41.0

  • Wipe into Infill and Wipe into object features
  • Reworked object arrangement system
  • Place on face feature – now you can position an object on the print bed perfectly with just two clicks.
  • Support for remaining time to finish which works both for Normal and Stealth mode
  • Accurate print time estimates for the stealth mode
  • “Remaining time to finish” feature implemented firmware 3.3.0 or higher required
  • Rotation & scaling of the object
  • Upgraded “out of build volume” detection
  • Improved wipe tower

You can find all new downloads on the Prusa Research website. Stay updated with the latest from the company by reading the Prusa Printers blog.

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