Featured image of Kickstarter 3D Printer “IVI” Looks Like the Tiko, Promises To Do Much Better
New All-in-One Machine

Kickstarter 3D Printer “IVI” Looks Like the Tiko, Promises To Do Much Better

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by Hanna Watkin
Apr 17, 2019

IVI is a new closed-loop delta 3D printer. Its campaign launched on Kickstarter and was "funded in just one minute." But at first glance, the machine looks suspiciously like the ill-fated Tiko 3D printer...

Whenever a 3D printer campaign launches on Kickstarter, it’s good to have an extra good, hard look at the facts. There have simply been too many frauds and financial meltdowns. Remember the Peachy printer? The still not yet delivered Ono? Or – and this one was the worst – the Tiko? It hoped to bring 3D printing to the masses before the founders bitterly disappointed 16,538 Kickstarter backers by leaving them without their money or a brand new printer.

Now, a new company is looking for crowdfunding investors to launch their 3D printer. Called the IVI, this all-in-one 3D printer promises the ability to “easily achieve high-res 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving with IVI, the 10 microns’ repeatability, closed-loop 3d printer.” And it looks suspiciously like the Tiko.

Of course, the founder’s team know about the visual similarities to the Tiko and they even address it in the Kickstarter FAQ.

“Enclosed delta printers tend to be similar in appearance and design,” writes IVI. “Tiko had a similar design and was a failed project but that doesn’t mean it is a failed design. We believe the design has huge advantages and IVI is in the process of proving that to be true.”

They assure potential funders that the IVI team has no connection whatsoever to Tiko and its former employees. And they promise to deliver a much better machine, which also will result in a higher price tag.

Overall, this seems to have convinced 754 backers: With 29 days to go, the campaign has already raised $382,740, smashing its goal of $50,000. The early bird options are now gone, so those who pledge $399 or more can expect to receive an IVI 3D Printer in October 2019.

Promising Specs, Optional Feature Add-Ons, and hey: Lasers!

The specifications read promising. The company boasts a 15-micron/0.015 mm XYZ accuracy thanks to a 0.9° motor, which should result in twice the precision of a regular stepper motor. More precision comes from zero-gap ball joints for the extruder mechanism of the delta 3D printer. The IVI offers FDM print heads with various nozzle sizes. Slicing is either done in the cloud or with a software slicer of your choice.

If 3D printing alone doesn’t fulfill your maker needs, it’s possible to add modules onto this reward tier by spending extra. For example, two laser engraving modules (500 mW, $69 or 2500 mW, $139) are available for projects that go beyond 3D printing. The CNC carving module will cost you $69. For $39, you can add an extra FDM print head.

Willing to risk your cash (as every pledge on Kickstarter comes with risks after all) and think the IVI is the best option for your next 3D printer? Visit the campaign and back the young Shenzhen-based company. Shipping should commence in August for the very early beta adopters, the rest might see the machine in October 2019.

The new IVI 3D printer (Source: Kickstarter)

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