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Cyborgia Manifesto

Hallidonto Brings Traditional and Contemporary Art Forms Together to Create “Birth of a Cyborg”

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by Hanna Watkin
Mar 18, 2019

Hallidonto is a Scottish visual artist who uses modern technologies to create drawings, paintings and sculptures around the concept of "contemporary (in)human condition and dystopian imagery of the cyborg", aka Cyborgia Manifesto.

“Cyborgia Manifesto” is a concept created by visual artist Hallidonto who creates drawings, paintings, and sculptures which explore the “contemporary (in)human condition and dystopian imagery of the cyborg.” His work is a commentary on how the concept of humanity is evolving.

His manifesto begins by explaining “the children of the eighties are the prototypes of upgraded humanity” and goes on to add that humanity is being transformed by the hyper-real in the form of cartoons, televisions, and computers.

As well as being interested in how humankind is changing, Hallidonto is also focused on how technology and art can merge too.  To create his artwork, Hallidonto uses modern technologies such as 3D printing and an HTC vive.

He explains: “Drawing is such an organic process. When I take this into VR it becomes even more of a visceral act… For me the ability to use my whole body becomes cyborgian itself using this equipment. I’m the creator, I’m creating a life form. I think the ability for me to actually bring a tangibility to these drawings, it’s not losing the essence of Hallidonto the artist, it’s actually, by virtue, bringing my whole essence into that piece.”

Hallidonto is Scottish but currently living in London where he works with Hobs 3D as its VR artist in residence. He works on engaging the community in technologies such as VR and 3D printing via his artwork.

Bringing Traditional and Contemporary Artistic Methods Together

Hallidonto is regularly working on mixing the contemporary with the traditional. In fact, for his latest piece “Birth of a Cyborg” he used a Tilt Brush and Google’s virtual reality app. However, it will also be physically produced with 3D printing.

Rather than replacing traditional methods of creation, Hallidonto merges them with digital technologies. He creates virtual images which may then be created in 3D by printing them on 3D Hobs’ stereolithography (SLA) printer.

Interestingly, the artist has been working with 3D printing since 2008 during his degree. He explains his interest in the technology by saying:

“To make a sculpture bang on from one go is very unique and it’s never been done before until this technology came around so that kind of opened up a pathway for my work and it’s very fitting considering my subject matter… Like anything else, it’s another tool for me to use but I’m always going to draw and paint as well in relation to it.”

After Birth of a Cyborg is 3D printed, it will then be taken to a foundry to be cast in bronze. Once this process is complete, the sculpture will be on display at Here East in Hackney Wick, London, England.

Hallidonto adds: “I think, possibility, now it’s the artists’ time to have their renaissance… The creators now actually have a chance to thrive so I think there has got to be bigger conversations about how artists are going to survive and I think having digital and analogue technology involved is just the start of it – not substituting one for the other, there’s got to be a dialogue between the two.”

Source: tct Magazine


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