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Fillamentum Releases Vinyl 303: Printable Polyvinylchloride Filament

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by Hanna Watkin
Mar 4, 2019

Fillamentum, a Czech manufacturer of 3D printing filaments, has released a printable polyvinylchloride filament called Vinyl 303 in cooperation with NAKAN.

One of the first ever 3D printable polyvinylchloride filaments is now available to buy. Fillamentum, a global 3D printing filaments producer, worked in cooperation with NAKAN, the leader in PVC, TPE and TPO compounds, to develop a printable polyvinylchloride.

The filament, called Vinyl 303, is now available to purchase from the Fillamentum website. It belongs to the line of Fillamentum Industrial family.

Fillamentum explains in a press release that this material family is focused on the development and manufacturing of 3D filaments suitable for industrial applications.

Vinyl 303

Vinyl 303 fits in well with this as it boasts excellent mechanical properties and is self-extinguishing. It also has great tensile strength, hardness and impact resistance while being tough, functional and rigid.

Furthermore, the polyvinylchloride filament has low water absorption and chemical resistance to oils, salts and solutions.

This leads Fillamentum to believe it will be very useful in the “industrial sphere.” Think prototyping and production of components. Parts printed with Vinyl 303 can also be recycled after use.

When using this filament, the recommended printing temperature is between 215-230 ° C and the printing speed is 40-60 mm/s. For more information on Fillamentum, visit their website.

Source: Press Release

Vinyl 303

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