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Blending Two Passions

Edelkrone Launches 3D Printable Ortak Line for DIY Photo Rigs

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by Hanna Watkin
Jun 16, 2019

Edelkrone, the well-known creator of photography and film dolly and slider systems, now offers a 3D printable FlexTilt Head. For $30, you get some essential aluminum parts, add some 3D printed ones and save yourself at least $100.

Edelkrone, a company producing tools for filmmakers, has announced the launch of its new Ortak line which provides “co-manufactured” products that cost a lot less but need to be 3D printed at home.

Edelkrone explains on its website: “ORTAK is a new co-manufacturing approach that allows anyone to own fully-functional, high-tech products at greatly reduced prices. With ORTAK method, products are manufactured by you and edelkrone together.”

The Ortak line provides photography accessories for those who want to blend their passions of photography and 3D printing or who simply want to save a lot of money.

The first product available is the Ortak FlexTilt Head 3D, costing $30, which is similar to the much more expensive FlexTilt Head 2, which costs $150.

Customize Your Photography Gear

The critical parts of the product are CNC machined aluminum and are sent to you along with a 3D model which helps to reduce costs. You are then in charge of printing and assembling the product by following tutorials.

Edelkrone adds: “Soon, 3D printers will be in every house. If you don’t already have access to a 3D printer, it may be time to invest in one to make ORTAK products even more feasible and see the time it takes for a return on investment drop drastically. We foresee a future in which visionary companies will use ORTAK co-manufacturing method to decrease costs for both the company and the customer while enabling highly customizable and more personal products.”

By 3D printing your own gear, you can also customize it to be your preferred color, design, and form.

With a price drop of over $100, for anyone who was already considering buying a FlexTilt Head 2, it’s worth giving this product a go instead.

Edelkrone will continue to expand the Ortak 3D printed product line but they are yet to reveal what’s coming next. Check the website to find out more.

Source: Digital Trends

The Edelkrone Ortak line reduces the price of your gear and provides you with a 3D printing project. (Source: Edelkrone)

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