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Carbon and Dentsply Sirona Collaborate on 3D-printed Denture System

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by Hanna Watkin
Jan 25, 2019

Carbon, a Silicon Valley 3D printing startup, is collaborating with Dentsply Sirona, a professional dental products and technologies manufacturer, to bring a premium 3D-printed denture material system to market.

Carbon and Dentsply Sirona are partnering to produce the first premium printable denture material system, they announced in a press release.

Silicon Valley startup Carbon and professional dental products and technologies manufacturer Dentsply Sirona believe this system will improve patient function, the materials used for dentures and the laboratory process.

“This partnership with Dentsply Sirona is a testament to Carbon’s global vision and mission to enhance the digital ecosystem,” said Brian Ganey, the general manager of Carbon’s dental business.

“Together, we will be able to offer the marketplace a complete digital denture solution that is superior in terms of strength and aesthetics.”

Although there have been many technological advancements in digital denture fabrication in the past few years, most dentures are still produced using traditional methods.

The partnership will combine Dentsply Sirona’s over 100 years of experience in developing denture materials, as well as scanning, and CAD/CAM software, with Carbon’s innovations in 3D printing.

It isn’t Carbon’s first foray into the dental space. In 2018 the company announced a collaboration with DENTCA and DREVE to introduce resins for customized dental products, including 3D printed dentures, gingiva masks, and trays.

Prior to that, it collaborated with Whip Mix to develop Whip Mix Surgical Guide.


Offering the Marketplace a Complete Digital Denture Solution

We’re very excited to team with Carbon to deliver a total seamless workflow for increasing laboratory efficiency and elevate state-of-art materials for removable appliance fabrication in the 3D dental printing space,” said Julie Mroziak, the global marketing vice president at Dentsply Sirona.

The new materials will establish a “paradigm shift” when it comes to laboratory efficiencies, aesthetics and strength, said Carbon in its press release. It’s printers and its Digital Light Synthesis™ technology will provide high-resolution output and a high production rate.

“With Carbon as the leading digital manufacturer in digital dentistry and Dentsply Sirona’s global leadership in removable appliances,” said Ganey, “we can deliver an unmatched offering that benefits both the dental laboratory and the patient.

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