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Build and Modify Your Own 3D Printing Pen with a Kit from 3D Simo

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by Hanna Watkin
Jun 26, 2018

3Dsimo is a company focused on multi-purpose tools for 3D printing projects. Their latest release is an open source 3D printing pen kit that encourages you to modify it for your own purposes. Better yet, if you break the pen, you can simply 3D print replacement parts.

3Dsimo, a 3D printing pen company headquartered in the Czech Republic, has launched a new product. The company is known for its two Kickstarter campaigns launched in 2015 to raise money for a multi-purpose pen. One was unsuccessful, while the second easily reached its funding goal.

As a result, the 3Dsimo Mini made it to market. The idea of this pen is that it’s a “palm-sized workshop” which allows you to 3D draw, burn, cut foam and solder. (This year, it made it onto All3DP’s best 3D printing pen review list.)

But, there is now a new pen from the company which is rather different from the last and perhaps more interesting. 3Dsimo claim this is the first ever assembly kit of a multi-material 3D pen that you can modify to your requirements.

As well as being able to modify the casing, the device also has open source software and is based on Arduino Nano. Modifications and 3D models are available on the company’s Git Hub, “for your ultimate power“.


Assembling the 3Dsimo Kit Takes Under 30 Minutes

After purchasing your 3D printing kit from the 3Dsimo website, you’ll receive a small box which contains the parts to build your pen and a manual to help you. The assembly of the pen itself takes between 15 and 30 minutes and should be intuitive.

The entire pen is made up of 3D printed parts which were created on FDM printers. This is great for anyone who’s clumsy enough to break any parts as you’ll be able to 3D print them once more or even modify them to your wishes.

Speaking to All3DP, 3Dsimo CEO David Paškevič said “The idea is to inspire our customers to personalize the 3Dsimo Kit, make it better, improve our product, and share this improvement with community we are trying to create and engage with”.

After assembling your pen, it’s possible to use a range of materials, including PLA and ABS, but also less common options. Paškevič continues, “ Internal mechanism can handle any usual type of 3D printing filament available on the market, and thanks to ceramic nozzle the pen can handle carbon fiber filament, which usually damages metal nozzles…“.

The company adds on their website that to do this, you need to: “Connect the included LCD display and choose one of pre-set materials or create your own material profiles.”

3Dsimo Kit will cost you $49 and is now available to buy from the company’s website. If you’re unsure of how easy the pen is to put together, check out YouTuber American Hacker’s video:

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