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Apium Additive Technologies Announce Polypropylene 3D Printing Material

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by Hanna Watkin
Oct 31, 2018

Apium Additive Technologies, the 3D printing manufacturer, has launched a polypropylene (PP) material to its additive manufacturing portfolio. More news from the company will be announced at Formnext in November.

Apium Additive Technologies based in Karlsruhe, Germany, has announced that it is launching a new material to its 3D printing portfolio – polypropylene (PP).

The company explains that this material is “securing a key technical position amongst the other semi-crystalline materials at Apium.” These materials include PVDF, PEEK, carbon fiber reinforced PEEK and POM-C.

The polypropylene material is a way of extending the company’s “manufacturing power”. Furthermore, users will be able to receive full technical support to achieve their manufacturing aims.

However, this isn’t the only news from the company as it’s also hinted that there will be more announcements to come during Formnext next month. The international conference on 3D printing will run from 13th November to 28th November 2018.

Specifics of the Polypropylene Material

This material launch is enhancing the company’s offering to users of its P Series 3D printing system. Polypropylene is a linear hydrocarbon thermoplastic polymer which can be used for FFF 3D printing.

The company explains on its website: “Polypropylene (PP) is a linear hydrocarbon thermoplastic polymer, created from the polymerization of propylene monomers.”

PP is considered to be a commodity plastic and has a wide variety of use cases. It has a melting range from 130°C to 171°C and is one of the most versatile polymers. As a result, it is the second most widely used polymer after polyethylene and its market value was estimated at USD 75.40 Billion in 2017.

Apium Additive Technologies explain that this material has a high chemical, electricity and fatigue resistance while also retaining its shape after bending, flexing and torsion. Uses for this material could be anything from living hinges to containers for cleaning agent and even for electronic components.

Want to learn more about this material? Apium will be at Formnext 2018, Booth 3.1-C70. Or, visit the company’s website to learn more about its range of materials.

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