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3D Printing Filament: Print with Recycled PET

3D Printing Filament

When it comes to 3D printing filament, PET offers the characteristics to elevate 3D printing to the next level. Company InnoFill 3D launches a campaign to create more awareness for PET amongst 3D-printing users. 

Honestly, 3D printing isn’t exactly ecological per se. Especially, since over the past years materials PLA and ABS have evolved into standards for 3D printing enthusiasts. PLA is easy to use and has the biobased “factor”. ABS is stronger and has great layer cohesion.

But are there alternatives? According to Innofil3D, “now it is time for the next step in 3D printing: with the introduction of an affordable PET, easy 3d printing with excellent print results will be accessible for the masses.”

ABS, PLA or PET? Here’s a comparison (image: Inofil3D)
ABS, PLA or PET? Here’s a comparison (image: Inofil3D)

The company believes that PET has the characteristics to become a new standard in 3Dprinting. In August 2015, Innofil3D will start with a campaign to seduce users to use PET. Innofil3D will launch their EPR PET filament on reels of 750 grams. The purchase price will be a bit higher as the known standard materials. 3D-print enthusiasts can buy their EPR PET filaments at their usual resellers.

So what‘s your opinion? ABS, PLA or PET?