Begone, VPL!

Can 3D Printing Eradicate Pesky Visible Panty Lines?


Could the answer to pesky visible panty lines be 3D printing underwear to make sure it sits closer to your skin? One fashion student seems to think so. 

Jess Haughton is studying fashion design at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. She came up with an idea which uses silicone to create a discreet alternative to stitching.

In an interview with The Mirror, she said: “I wanted to create something which was as close to the skin as possible and get rid of the lumps and bumps of traditional underwear. My main goal was basically to eliminate the visible panty line for good.”


The undergraduate, from Ruislip, Greater London, created the VPL-eradicating design during the course of her degree.

Jess said: ‘Women come in all shapes and sizes, so I wanted to show how modern technology can provide made to measure lingerie for each individual. But not only that, I wanted to show how 3D printing could truly modernize the market and create unique looking underwear which does away with traditional materials.”

What’s the Secret of the VPL Eradicating Underwear?


Instead of stitches and elastic, Jess used 3D printed stretch silicone and seams were bonded by silicone during the printing process, instead of being sewn.

The benefit of this was that the garments were prevented from becoming misshapen and actually appeared to be more clean cut too.

Jess explained the reason behind the 3D printable material:

“Stretch silicone is amazing to work with and could really change the way lingerie is made. It’s very strong and flexible when cured, and is practically impossible to unstick. It also has an amazing feel to it, and when 3D printed can create more intricate detailing than traditional methods.”

So far her designs include a 3D printed bodysuit, thong, bra and knickers. She added: “In many ways when printed onto sheer mesh as a floral pattern, it’s like a modern alternative to lace.”

What do you think about the way 3D printing is changing the way our clothing is being made? Would you wear 3D printed underwear? Let us know in the comments.