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Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Conferences 2017

3D Printing Conference

Here are the major additive manufacturing/3D printing conferences, trade shows & expos worldwide, plus detailed information on these events.

From innovations in medicine and high-volume manufacturing to rapid prototyping technologies breaking new ground and maker community meetups – there’s likely something for everyone.

Read on for the what’s, the where’s and, more importantly, how to get tickets.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Conferences 2017

You can sort and search through the additive manufacturing/3D printing conferences in the table below, or jump directly to the months here: JuneJulyAugust, SeptemberOctober and November.

Date Name Location Price Must See
June 20-22 Rapidtech Erfurt, Germany €65 X
June 20-23 Printech 2017 Moscow, Russia TBA
June 28-29 3D Food Printing Conference Venlo, The Netherlands €345
June 28-30 Inside 3D Printing@Home Seoul Seoul, South Korea $500
July 4-7 MTA Vietnam 2017 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam TBA
July 12-13 12th International Conference On Additive Manufacturing And 3D Printing Nottingham, UK $450
July 15-16 Maker Faire Bodensee Friedrichshafen, Germany €10
July 22-23 Maker Faire Singapore Singapore, Southeast Asia $8.50
August 2-5 Surabaya Printing Expo 2017 Surabaya, Indonesia TBA
August 19-21 Digital Medical Treatment & Intelligent Equipment Shanghai, China Free
August 22-24 Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2017 Novi and Grand Rapids, USA Free
August 25-27 Maker
Faire Hannover
Hannover, Germany €11.25
September 12-14 Westec Los Angeles, USA TBA
September 13-14 Additive Manufacturing 3D Show Dubai, UAE TBA
September 13-15 Fespa Africa Johannesburg, Africa Free
September 14-16 Cede 2017 Poznan, Poland TBA
September 18-23 EMO 2017 Hannover, Germany €65
September 19-21 T-REX Kiev, Ukraine TBA
September 21-23 Fespa Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Free
September 23-24 Maker Faire Milwaukee Milwaukee, USA TBA
September 25-28 CMTS Mississauga, Canada TBA
September 26-28 TCT Show Birmingham, UK Free X
September 26-28 C!Print Madrid Madrid, Spain TBA
September 26-28 Viscom Paris Paris, France TBA
September 28 3D Printing Summit Berlin, Germany Free
September 28-29 ADD+IT 2017 Steyr, Austria €380
September 28-30 Make48 TBA $95
October 3-5 IN(3D)USTRY Barcelona, Spain TBA X
October 4-8 Printtek 2017 Istanbul, Turkey TBA
October 4-8 SIGN Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey Free
October 12-14 Viscom Italia Milan, Italy €45
October 13-14 3D Print Expo Moscow Moscow, Russia TBA
October 18-20 Viscom, Germany Düsseldorf, Germany €36
October 20-22 Maker Faire Rome Rome, Italy TBA X
October 24-26 Euromold Munich, Germany €30
October 24-26 Airtec Munich, Germany TBA
October 24-26 ISPRINT 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel TBA
October 31 -
November 1
AmCon Novi, USA Free
October 31 -
November 3
Las Vegas, USA $40
November 8-9 Prototyping 2017 Kortrijk, Belgium Free
November 8-11 MOLDPLAS Batalha, Portugal TBA
November 14-17 Formnext 2017 Frankfurt, Germany TBA X
November 15-16 Metal Madrid 2017 Madrid, Spain Free

3D Printing Conferences in June 2017

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 5-6, 2017 – Inside 3D Printing@Home São Paulo

3d printing conferences inside 3d printing@home sao paulo

What is it?: Inside 3D Printing provides exhibitors with a schedule of trade shows and companion conferences in major cities all around the world over a calendar year. As a conference attendee, you’ll explore the business applications of 3D printing through conference sessions led by industry experts, demonstrations of the latest 3D printers and services, and programming for designers, artists, and makers. At the show, you can see how revolutionizing industries including manufacturing, jewelry, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and more.

Strength: The 3D printing conferences is the largest 3D printing event in South America.

Price: Tba

Registration: The registration can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 7-9, 2017 – Vietnam 3D Print Fiesta 2017

3d printing conferences vietnam fiesta 2017

Location: Binh Duong New City, Vietnam

What is it?: The 3D printing conference will start with a small size of public-venturing technology event to a regional event for industry, businesses and brands with a reputation for high quality and technological-intense events for design and print in manufacturing and engineering industries. The exhibition will explore how 3D printing is used, inviting future customers to interact directly with the participants and exhibitors in one platform.

Strength: To enhance your business in 3D Print, the exhibition offers you amazing sales opportunities and the chance to network, collaborate and become part of the global 3D printing community in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region, building inter-industry relationships to strengthen your business as it surges forward.

Price: Tba

Registration: The admission is free for trade visitors only. You have to be 18 years or older to attend. The registration can be found here at the website.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 9-11, 2017 – Maker Faire Berlin

3d printing conferences maker faire berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

What is it?: A Maker Faire is a possibility for makers to show their projects and for visitors to collect DIY ideas. Whether your interest is in technology or crafting, no matter if it’s a hobby, your job or your research, whether you tinker at home, at your local maker space or at school: At Maker Faire you will meet like-minded makers and a large audience. The trade show offers robots breathing fire, inventions, and a colourful mixture of several hundred Makers. You can try almost everything for yourself, take part in workshops and learn how to solder, code or sew.

Strength: Maker Faire Berlin is expecting to host over 1000 Makers at 250 booths presenting to an audience of 25,000 visitors.

Price: €15

Registration: The ticket shop for the Maker Faire Berlin is here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 9-11, 2017 – Maker Faire Paris

3d printing conference maker faire paris

Location: Paris, France

What is it?: Maker Faire is an event of science and innovation. The concept of the show is to demonstrate your invention. It includes discovery-workshops, spectacles and conferences about the subjects creativity, fabrication, DIY, and Maker.

Strength: Today there are more than 200 Maker Faires in 38 countries.

Price: €12

Registration: The ticket shop can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 13-15, 2017 – AMPM 2017

3d printing conference ampm 2017

Location: Las Vegas, USA

What is it?: AMPM 2017 is held in conjunction with the Powdermet 2017, a conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials and stands for ‘Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy’. At the AMPM, experts are going to present the latest developments in this field.

Strength: With a stunning location like Las Vegas, expect a multitude of top-tier networking events, guest speakers, and awards luncheons.

Price: $1,300

Registration: Click here to find out more about the registration information.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 15, 2017 – 3D Printing: The Future is Now

3d printing conference 3d printing: the future is now

Location: Sydney, Australia

What is it?: At the show, individuals will come together to solve social problems to high end research into medical applications. You will see and hear about how 3D printing is fast becoming a transformative mainstream technology.

Strength: Disabled and deaf people are able to attend.

Price: Free

Registration: You can get free tickets for the 3D Printing Conference here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 20-22, 2017 – Rapidtech

3d printing conferences rapidtech

Location: Erfurt, Germany

What is it?: The concept of the Rapidtech is to combine practice and theory easily. It has been providing information about the status and development of Rapid Prototyping,  the direct production of end products by using Additive Manufacturing as well as the way into series production. The show offers developers, researchers, constructing engineers and users the possibility to exchange innovative ideas. As a participant, you can find qualified and informative lectures combined with expert discussions between visitor and exhibitor.

Strength: Rapidtech 2017 will communicate further development and spread this important topic to almost all sectors. In the process, the organizers are in turn relying on the modified concept with more detailed and sector information for potential users.

Price: €65

Registration: Buy tickets to the 3D Printing Conference here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 20-23, 2017 – Printech 2017

3d printing conferences printech 2017

Location: Moscow, Russia

What is it?: Printech is an international exhibition on equipment, technology, and materials for printing and advertising production. In the printing area companies will demonstrate modern digital machinery, industrial printing systems, printing software, offset printing machinery, photodiode drying, plate making equipment, paper cutting and collating equipment, folding and binding equipment, varnishing and laminating equipment and much more.

Strength: The trade fair is the only exhibition in Russia of modern printing equipment and technology, materials for printing and equipment for production of advertising.

Price: Tba

Registration: Get your e-ticket here. The registration will be opened in March.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 28-29, 2017 – 3D Food Printing Conference

3d printing conference 3d fodd printing conference

Location: Venlo, The Netherlands

What is it?: The 3D Food Printing Conference is part of the first global Innovative Food-Agri Event that includes 4 conferences and an exhibition, about which you can find out more about on its website. The event deals with the future of 3D food printing for professionals and consumers. It focuses on six different topics, including technologies, ingredients, patent issues, legal issues, investment opportunities and research.

Strength: The 3D food printing market has a wide future and offers many opportunities. To realize these opportunities, there is still much research needed. The 3D printing conference will give many answers to questions of the development of the 3d food printing sector.

Price: €345

Registration: Register here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: June 28-30, 2017 – Inside 3D Printing@Home Seoul

3d printing conferences inside 3d printing@home seoul

Location: Seoul, South Korea

What is it?:  Inside 3D Printing Seoul will feature two days of conference sessions led by top industry experts, plus three days of exhibitions presenting the latest 3D printers, solutions, and services. Session topics will explore innovative ways to apply additive manufacturing to meet industrial and commercial needs across the full range of industries including rapid prototyping, product development, medicine, manufacturing, food, automotive, metals, software, and more.

Strength: The 3D printing conference will answer questions such as what will be the top use cases for 3D Printing over the next five years? Which regions will see the strongest growth? How will 3D printing reshape the industrial ecosystem in Asia? Join it for comprehensive coverage and analysis on where the 3D printing industry is today and what business opportunities are on the horizon for Asia and beyond.

Price: $500

Registration: Register here.

3D Printing Conferences in July 2017

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: July 4-7, 2017 – MTA Vietnam 2017

3d printing conference mta vietnam 2017

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What is it?: The International Precision Engineering, Machine Tools and Metalworking Exhibition brings the latest range of manufacturing solutions available in the global marketplace to the local industry.

Strength: Since its launch in 2005 the 3D Printing Conference has been committed to play the role of bridging the international manufacturing industry and Vietnam market.

Price: Tba

Registration:  Register here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: July 12-13, 2017 – 12th International Conference On Additive Manufacturing And 3D Printing

3d printing conference 12th international conference on additive manufacturing and 3d printing

Location: Nottingham, UK

What is it?: The 3D printing conference is all about AM academic and industry experts getting together to share their knowledge and ideas.  The trade fair provides the setting for both new and experienced users of AM to keep in touch and stay up to date with the latest developments in AM, to enhance commercial success and explore new avenues of research. The parallel exhibition features a select number of organisations whose technology, analysis, expertise, and products continue to help drive development in Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing and wider manufacturing industries.

Strength: Listen to both sides of the story: the successes and challenges of leading technology adopters giving a balanced view of the industry, cutting right through the hype.

Price: $450

Registration: Book your tickets for the trade show here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: July 15-16, 2017 – Maker Faire Bodensee

3d printing conference maker faire bodensee

Locations: Friedrichshafen, Germany

What is it?: A Maker Faire is an event about inspiration, creativity, and innovation. It’s a get together of the makers to present their projects to the public. In addition to that is it a place for personal networking and to exchange your knowledge. For some exhibitors is a Maker Faire the beginning of a successful startup.

Strength: Makers can be found in every age group. They are adventurous and have fun doing what they do.

Price: €10

Registration: Find the ticket shop here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: July 22-23, 2017 – Maker Faire Singapore

3d printing conference maker faire singapore

Location: Singapore, Southeast Asia

What is it?: At the Maker Faire in Singapore, you will find over 200 booths, 60 workshops and talks about 3D Printing, Engineering, Robotics and more.

Strength: The trade show is a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Price: $8.50

Registration: Get your tickets here.

3D Printing Conferences in August

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Aug. 2-5, 2017 – Surabaya Printing Expo 2017

3d printing conferences surabaya

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

What is it?: Surabaya Printing Expo 2017 will be a showcase for the advertising machinery, equipment and, Supplies. It provides a cost-effective way to increase your business in East Java biggest manufacturing market.

Strength: The 3D printing conference visitors are Indonesia’s key decision makers including the major manufacturing importers, distributors, and agents.

Price: Tba

Registration: The exhibition is open to trade and business visitor only and is free by invitation and business card registration. Fill in the visitor reservation here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Aug. 19-21, 2017 – Digital Medical Treatment & Intelligent Equipment 

3d printing conference digital medigal treatment & intelligence equipment

Location: Shanghai, China

What is it?: Digital Medical Treatment & Intelligent Equipment will make an discussion about digital medicine and 3d printing technology in the scientific research and clinical application.The exhibition will take digital medicine as the theme, aim at providing a favorable platform between technology exchange and supply-demand cooperation, promote the industrialization of digital medical application technology, and promote the wide application of 3d printing and intelligence technology in digital medicine and other fields.

Strength: At the 3D printing conference you can experience innovative 3D printing application, together with industry cutting-edge technology.

Price: Free

Registration: The pre-registration can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing Conference: Aug. 22-24, 2017 – Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2017

3d printing conference advanced manufacturing expo

Location: AME-East: Novi, USA and AME-West: Grand Rapids, USA

What is it?: The Advance Manufacturing Expo (AME) is a space for companies involved in additive manufacturing, machine vision, automation, quality control gaging, metalworking, and other technologies. At the conference, there will be free seminars on new technologies in the metalworking industry. Companies will offer the latest advancements in cutting tools, coatings, work and tool holding, as well as metal working fluids and inventory management solutions.

Strength: Attention: The AME-East takes place on August 22 and the AME-West takes place on August 24.

Price: Free

Registration: The registration site can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Aug. 25-27, 2017 – Maker Faire Hannover

3d printing conference maker faire hannover

Location: Hannover, Germany

What is it?: Maker Faires are festivals for inspiration, creativity, and innovation. At a Maker Faire, there is a lot to discover: you can see fire-breathing dragons, other inventions, and about 800 Makers. The show gives you the opportunity to learn, to take part, and to touch everything you want. Whether if you are interested in technicor craft as a hobby or profession at school or in the makerspace – at the Maker Faire you will find like-minded person and a large audience. Please notice that the 26th and 27th of August are opened for the public but the 25th of August has only opened for school groups.

Strength: Participate at workshops and learn how to braze, to forge and to sew.

Price: €11.25

Registration: The ticket shop can be found here.

3D Printing Conferences in September

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 12-14, 2017 – Westec

3d printing conference westec

Location: Los Angeles, USA

What is it?: The Westec is an Additive Manufacturing conference dealing with machining, metrology, design, waterjet, software, digital, 3D printing and engineering. At the trade show, the West Coast’s manufacturing minds come together to explore, evaluate, connect and do business. While attending, you can experience hands-on interaction with the newest technologies and compare technology side-by-side. The show features the industry’s most advanced smart technologies, including the latest developments in automation, advanced materials, controls, software, operations, industrial internet of things, big data, and more from industry experts.

Strength: The 3D printing conference offers you to rev up your manufacturing mojo with Westec’s celebrity guests, including TV personality Titan Gilroy and the hosts of History Channel’s “Counting Cars.”

Price: Tba

Registration: The inquiry form can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 13-14, 2017 – Additive Manufacturing 3D Show

3D Printing Conference additive manufacturing 3d show

Location: Dubai, UAE

What is it?: The Additive Manufacturing 3D Show covers the rapidly changing field of 3D printing and how it is being used in manufacturing. The event will guide delegates on the latest developments in additive manufacturing and also cover innovative new materials. The 3D Printing Conference will also give insights into how industries can maximize the efficiency of their current processes by effectively using 3D Printing in the design and manufacturing process.

Strength: The 3D Printing Conference wants to bridge the gap between the new and developing technology and provide a base for the same across market perpendiculars.

Price: Tba

Registration: The Registration Form can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 13-15, 2017 – Fespa Africa

3d printing conference fespa africa

Location: Johannesburg, Africa

What is it?: At the Fespa Africa, you can view the latest developments in technology, equipment, solutions, and software. The event is co-located with the two conferences Sign Africa and Africa Print.

Strength: You can witness exclusive product launches at the show.

Price: Free

Registration: You can register here or at the entrance of the event.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 14-16, 2017 – Cede 2017

3d printing conference cede 2017

Location: Poznan, Poland

What is it?: The Central European Dental Exhibition CEDE offers a platform for showing off the achievements of modern dentistry, both in technological fields and in dentistry as a science. Each year the Exhibition brings together producers and distributors of equipment, tools and dental materials as well as people passionate about dentistry in general.

Strength: Building on their experiences from organizing FDI Congress 2016 Poznan, Exactus would like to take advantage of their new skills, contacts, and energy to improve the formula for the 3D Printing Conference.

Price: Tba

Registration: Register for the trade show here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 18-23, 2017 – EMO 2017

3d printing conference emo 2017

Location: Hannover, Germany

What is it?: EMO Hannover is a trade show for the metalworking sector. Exhibitors come to the show from all segments of metalworking technology. The event presents a width and depth of products and services throughout all production areas, from machine tools and production systems for cutting and forming which form the heart of machining, precision tools, accessories and controller technology, to system elements and components for automated manufacturing.

Strength: With approximately 60% of exhibitors from outside of Germany, EMO Hannover is the world’s most international trade fair for metalworking.

Price: €65

Registration: Your ticket to the trade show can be bought here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 19-21, 2017 – T-REX

3d printing conference t-rex

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

What is it?: T-Rex is a platform for novelties and latest developments in the field of printing, advertising production technologies, exchange of experience and customers’ needs research. The show presents equipment, technical solutions, materials and consumables for printing and production of advertising items. The 3D printing conference will be held together with the Advertising and Marketing Trade Show, Rex 2017.

Strength: T-Rex 2016 showed that even in difficult conditions, Ukrainian entrepreneurs find ways to develop, moving away from usual standards, looking for new ideas and solutions.

Price: Tba

Registration: Find out more about the registration here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 21-23, 2017 – Fespa Mexico

3d printing conference fespa mexico

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

What is it?: The Fespa Mexico is an opportunity to explore the latest technology developments, to find out the latest market trends and to see live demonstrations of state-of-the-art equipment. Also, you willl be able to enhance your business activity by finding new ways to expand or strengthen your product portfolio at the show.

Strength: Attend free seminars hosted by industry experts on topics ranging from ‘Global market trends’ to ‘Tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your print’.

Price: Free

Registration: The registration site can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 23-24, 2017 – Maker Faire Milwaukee

3d printing conference maker faire milwaukee

Location: Milwaukee, USA

What is it?: Maker Faires are family-friendly events that welcome makers, tech enthusiasts, inventors, crafters, educators, tinkerers and hobbyists of all ages, to exhibit their work and share their knowledge and skills with other makers and with the community. Maker Faires also showcase the “maker movement,” a growing global community of do-it-yourselfers that is pushing the boundaries of creativity, product development and manufacturing through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Strength: A family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Price: Tba

Registration: The ticket shop will open soon.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 25-28, 2017 – CMTS

3d printing conference cmts

Location: Mississauga, Canada

What is it?: CMTS is Canada’s national stage for manufacturing technologies, practices and industry connections. CMTS audience from within Canada’s leading industries including automotive and aerospace have come together to source solutions and knowledge from the global leaders in machine tools and tooling, metalworking, and advanced manufacturing. The 3D Printing Conference offers a mix of live technology on display, with unrivaled keynotes, panel discussions, and technical sessions. CMTS includes several signature networking events where the industry comes together to connect, share and celebrate manufacturing.

Strength: In its third iteration and featured for the first time at CMTS, the AMC Conference will continue the national dialogue on Canada’s productivity challenge. Hot topics include automation, automation economics, and workforce development.

Price: Tba

Registration: The registration site can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep 26-28, 2017 – TCT Show (Must See!)

3d printing conference tctshow

Location: Birmingham, UK

What is it?: The speakers of the TCT Show 2017 come together for insight, education, innovation and to do business. The event is a mix of expert speakers, real-world applications and innovations alongside product launches and the live demonstrations on the show floor. The show attracts manufacturers, designers, business leaders, early adopters, innovators, and investors.

Strength: The 3D printing conference is known worldwide for being the place where you can see tomorrow’s manufacturing technology today.

Price: Free

Registration: Register here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 26-28, 2017 – C!PRINT Madrid

3d printing conference c!print madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

What is it?: C!Print Madrid has the aim to bring together all sectors in the visual communication market and the new players from related markets such as decorators, architects and designers. The show will unveil an array of applications made possible by the latest technological advances, particularly digital advances.

Strength: Beyond just showing you the technology, the 3D printing conference will highlight the numerous ways to use these applications.

Price: Tba

Registration: The online pre-registrations are now closed but you can come directly at the entrance of the show in order to get your badge.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 26-28, 2017 – Viscom Paris

3d printing conference viscom paris

Location: Paris, France

What is it?: Viscom Paris is a meeting of Visual Communication and Graphic Industry professionals. At the 3D printing conference, you will find solutions and applications for your visual or advertising communication campaigns, new materials, processes and machines from manufacturers or international distributors and image, content and design offerings with which you can personalize your visual communications media.

Strength: It’s the only show enable to gather all the professionals of Visual Communication and Graphic Industry.

Price: Tba

Registration: Useful information about taking part at the show can be found here.

Additive manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 28, 2017 – 3D Printing Summit

3d printing conference 3d printing summit

Location: Berlin, Germany

What is it?: The 3D Printing Summit is a half-day conference on the current trends and challenges facing the 3D printing market. The program will also include lectures on strategy issues as well as important technology and market trends. In lectures, panel discussions or pitches, speakers from national and international companies will outline their ideas and strategies for the future of 3D printing.

Strength: The event puts the applications on the center stage.

Price: Free

Registration: You have to pre-register here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 28-29, 2017 – ADD+IT 2017

3d printing conference add it 2017

Location: Steyr, Austria

What is it?: The Add it 2017 is a symposium on additive manufacturing and innovative technologies.  Experts from industry and academic in the field of Additive Manufacturing will attend at the show and present the current state of research, highlights, and trends.

Strength:  The event aims to facilitate synergies between research and industry, to highlight the state of the art and beyond state of the art of additive manufacturing methods with the focus on polymers.

Price: €380

Registration: Register for the 3D Printing Conference here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Sep. 28-30, 2017 – Make48

3d printing conference make48

Location: TBA

What is it?: Make48 is a competition where teams apply and have 48 hours to plan, prototype and pitch a new idea which they have to showcase to investors and indurstry experts at the end of the two days. The show is led by fabrication experts which gives you the opportunitiy to see and experience, hands-on, prototyping techniques with the latest tools such as 3-D printers, laser cutters and molding/forming machines.

Strength:  The top three teams will be awarded prizes, including a crowdfunding campaign and licensing consideration.

Price: $95

Registration: Submit your team rigth here.

3D Printing Conferences in October

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 3-5, 2017 – IN(3D)USTRY (Must See!)

3d printing conferences industry

Location: Barcelona, Spain

What is it?: The 3D printing conference comes with the slogan ‘from needs to solutions’. The reason for that is that at the show, professionals & main companies present their needs in the fields of Automotive & Aeronautics, Architecture & Habitat, Retail & Consumer Goods and Healthcare. The solutions for that will provide the Industrial End-Users.

Strength: A 3-day Premium event connecting top users with prominent manufacturers and service providers to share success stories and realize technological needs.

Price: Tba

Registration: The registration form can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 4-8, 2017 – Printtek 2017

3d printing conference printtek

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

What is it?: Printtek is an international print technologies and paper fair. A business environment where all products and technologies of printing, advertising, 3D printing, card technologies, printing consumables and materials will be exhibit together.

Strength: The 3D Printing Conference is the most significant and comprehensive meeting of the print technologies and paper industries within Turkey and the Eurasian Region since 1986.

Price: Tba

Registration: The online invitation can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 4-8, 2017 – SIGN Istanbul

3d printing conference sign istanbul

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

What is it?: Sign Istanbul is an international advertising industry and digital printing technologies trade fair. The subjects Digital Print, Textile Print, Sign Technology, Visual Communication, LED and LED Screen, Industrial Print, and 3D Print belongs to the show.

Strength: At the 3D Printing Conference, you can monitor the competition and analyze the prices and products.

Price: Free

Registration: Register for free entry here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 12-14, 2017 – Viscom Italia

3d printing conference visom italia

Location: Milan, Italy

What is it?: Viscom is an international trade fair for Visual Communication. Viscom Italia will guide all exhibitors in the visual communication industry through a first-person experience to develop new ways of doing business. It’s a show where to know sign makers, printers, POP producers, engravers, decorators, advertising agencies and communication media in search of new solutions and ideas to customize their products and to communicate more effectively. The 3D Printing Conference contains a program of seminars, events, and laboratory to meet testimonial, explore the market trends and first-hand the new technology frontiers.

Strength: Viscom Italia is here to best meet all your needs, actively listen to your wants, to realize your communication projects and add significant value to your business through a unique mix of creativity, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

Price: €45

Registration: The pre-registrations open in July and ends in October. If you pre-register, the admission is free.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 13-14, 2017 – 3D Print Expo Moscow

3d printing conference 3d print expo moscow

Location: Moscow, Russia

What is it?: At the 3D Printing Conference, you will be able to find out what additive technologies are, watch how and where 3D printers and scanners are used in the modern world as well as learn about the latest 3D printing achievements. Speakers will tell about additive technologies trends in Russia and the world, while round table discussions will allow to get answers to relevant questions. Workshops for kids and adults will give a chance to expand the interest area.

Strength: Within the exhibition, everyone will get aquainted with the latest developments in 3D printing, scanning and modeling industry.

Price: Tba

Registration: There is no information about the registration yet.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 18-20, 2017 – Viscom Germany

3d printing conference viscom germany

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

What is it?: Viscom is an international trade fair for Visual Communication. At the six themes: large format printing,  sign making, interior design, digital signage, POS display, POS packaging the show provides a structure and gives each sector a space for its own identity. The trade fair provides answers to questions such as: What is possible? How is it done? Who can do it? In short: Inspiring your business.

Strength: Viscom is the only specialist trade fair in Europe which provides a 360-degree overview of visual communication while giving impulses across sectors.

Price: €36

Registration: The ticket shop can be found here.

Additive Manufacuturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 20-22, 2017 – Maker Faire Rome (Must See!)

3d printing conference maker faire rome

Location: Rome, Italy

What is it?: Maker Faire is all about showcasing your projects, inventions, skills, ideas and arts. Maker Faire Rome is an all–ages gathering of ideas, projects, DIY, prototypes, innovative products, inventions, industrial robotics, model building, food, clothing and much more: the event is a place where everyone can share his ‘know how’, improve technical, creative and artisanal skills but also learn and talk about the future and try to build it. Individuals, groups, associations, companies, research institutes, schools, and universities: everyone can participate as an exhibitor. In addition, who does not have a project may participate in teaching the public how to do practical things by sharing their skills or running a performance: from music to science.

Strength: Maker Faire Rome is a great celebration of creativity, not limited to business but rather open to all forms of innovative applications, from the most serious to the most imaginative projects.

Price: Tba

Registration: The ticket shop will be opened soon.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 24-26, 2017 – Euromold (Must See!)

3d printing conference euromold

Location: Munich, Germany

What is it?: Euromold is a world fair for Mold- and Patternmaking, Tooling, Design, Additive Manufacturing and Product Development. Product Managers, Developers, Executives and anybody seeking to launch new products or solutions within the broad range „from idea to series production“ will find a space at the 3D printing conference for the exchange with experts and professionals from around the globe.

Strength: For more than 20 years, Euromold is the world’s leading trade fair in product development. Euromold takes place parallel to Airtec of which you can read about below.

Price: €30

Registration: Tickets for the show can be bought here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 24-26, 2017 – Airtec 2017

3d printing conference airtec

Location: Munich, Germany

What is it?: Airtec is a b2b meeting and a technology event for the aerospace supply chain. The event shows the aerospace supply chain from design, engineering, testing, simulation via materials, production, tools, components and systems, electronics, avionics, sensors up to lifecycle support in one exhibition place. The trade exhibition presents new technologies, innovations, and trends and provides an overview of the aerospace supply industry.

Strength: The additive manufacturing conference offers exhibitors an excellent opportunity to present their capacities, capabilities, competences and know-how and supports OEMs and system suppliers in finding new technological and economical solutions. Airtec takes place parallel to Euromold of which you can read about above.

Price: Tba

Registration: There is no information about visiting the show yet.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 24-26, 2017 – ISPRINT 2017

3d printing conference isprint

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

What is it?: Isprint reflects the technological and structural changes of the whole printing Industry. The exhibition is designed for the Printing Industry, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Web Designers, Multimedia Designers, and all professionals in the Printing & Design industries. In addition, Isprint exhibition is designed for the Business Community in Israel and Professional Users from all fields.

Strength: The 3D printing conference is the largest exhibition for the Printing Industry and Cross Media Technologies.

Price: Tba

Registration: There is no information about the registration.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2017 – AmCon

3d printing conference amcon

Location: Novi, USA

What is it?: Amcon is a Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo. It’s a platform where you can meet face-to-face of the finest job shops and contract manufacturers from throughout the U.S. and Canada. The show covers subjects like manufacturing, prototyping, engineering and much more and wants to help you to find solutions for design and production problems.

Strength: Learn about the latest in cutting edge technologies & processes.

Price: Free

Registration: The adendee registration form can be found here.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Oct.31 – Nov. 3, 2017 – SEMA 2017

3d printing conference sema

Location: Las Vegas, USA

What is it?: Sema is an automative trade show and provides attendees with seminars, product demonstrations, special events and more.

Strength: The 3D Printing Conference is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world

Price: $40


3D Printing Conferences in November

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Nov. 8-9, 2017 – Prototyping 2017

3d printing conference prototyping

Location: Kortrijk, Belgium

What is it?: Prototyping brings everyone together who is related to the prototyping industry, including creative and manufacturing activities. It is a trade event for everyone involved in product development, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

Strength: The 3D printing conference is a platform for all the players in the prototyping value chain, from the initial idea to low-volume production.

Price: Free

Registration: The registration site hasn’t opened yet.

Additice Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Nov. 8-11, 2017 – MOLDPLAS

3d printing conference moldplas

Location: Batalha, Portugal

What is it?: Moldplas is an exhibition for Machines, Equipments, Raw Materials and Technology for Moulds and Plastics. The show takes place with the industrial porugese trade fair which presents Machines and Equipment for Industry, Industrial Technology, Automation and Robotics to support production.

Strength: The organizers main goal is to approach the offer to demand, in order to achieve good business to all the participants.

Price: Tba

Registration: The registration period is up to 45 days before start of exhibition.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Nov. 14-17, 2017 – Formnext 2017 

3d printing conference formnext

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

What is it?: The 3D printing conference will show current and future applications of additive technologies. The fair will also cover a wide range of  discussion topics from the surrounding industry, from the latest advancements in product development and industrial manufacturing to design, ongoing vocational training, and related legal parameters.

Strength: A conference to cover the latest insights from science and research.

Price: Tba

Registration: The registration for the 3D printing conference will be possible from September 2017.

Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Conference: Nov. 15-16, 2017 – Metal Madrid 2017

3d printing conference metal madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

What is it?: Metal Madrid adresses professionals from the Industry, Metal-working, Machine-tools, Composites and Robotics industry market. The schow is an opportunity to widen your business and market area, and get to know the possibilities offered by other regions and new sectors.

Strength: The Conference offers its visitors a wide array of services designed to make their attendance at the fair more effective, comfortable and profitable.

Price: Free

Registration: Register here.

Did we miss a 3D printing conference that you’re attending or helping to organize? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add it in for a future update.