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3D Printed Submachine Guns Found in Drug Raids in Australia

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by Hanna Watkin
Nov 23, 2016

Four 3D printed Submachine Guns, along with ammunition and silencers, have been found by police in a series of raids across the Gold Coast, Australia.

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Australian laws surrounding 3D printed guns are extremely strict. They forbid anyone to have even a CAD file of a weapon. But after raids that took place last Friday across the Gold Coast, police found two businesses in Nerang with highly sophisticated weapons production facilities. 

To make the machine guns, the businesses were using 3D printers and computers. At both sites, police found homemade automatic submachine guns, as well as silencers and ammunition. They also found a .45 calibre pistol and equipment used to make weapons, along with a pill press.

The technology used to make these weapons is the most sophisticated police have seen of its kind in Queensland. Technology found by police included a 3D printer, computers, drill presses and gun parts.

Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said of the haul:

“The weapons seized are yet to be tested, however, weapons of this type have the capacity to fire hundreds of rounds of ammunition a minute. In the wrong hands they present as a significant threat to the public.”

3d printed submachine guns

3D Printed Submachine Guns Pose a Serious Threat

Currently, there are two men helping the police with their investigations. It’s likely that the males, aged 30 and 33, have information about the weapons lab.

As well as guns, police also found cannabis, GHB and steroids. Five people were charged with 25 drugs offences. As a result of the raids along the Gold Coast, police believe they have succeeded in closing down a drugs and weapons trafficking network.

“Part of the reason the warrants were executed on Friday was to target and disrupt the distribution of drugs for schoolies,” Wacker said. Schoolies are annual celebrations in the region for school-leavers.

Currently, 3D printed gun laws in Australia prohibit anyone from even possessing a digital blueprint for the manufacture of a firearm. This also applies whether this is on a 3D printer or CNC milling machine. The maximum penalty is up to 14 years.

Unsure about the law and how it applies to you in your workshop? Check out this site developed by staff at the University of Melbourne. They provide detailed information to help makers understand Australian laws.

Source: The Guardian

3d printed submachine guns

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