Skylanders: New Game, TV Series and – finally – 3D Printed Figurines!

3D Printed Skylander

October 2016 will be an exciting month in the Skylanders multiverse. Expect a new game, a Netflix series – and finally, the possibility to design and 3D print your very own Skylander! 

Even 5 years of Skylanders, the series is still going strong. So far, the toys-to-life franchise made Activision / Blizzard a sum of §3 billion, with overall 250 million toys sold.

As usual, with Christmas just some weeks ahead, there’s a new update in the Skylanders franchise. “Skylanders Imaginators“; it will be in the stores on October 16th.

On October 28th, 2016, Activision Blizzard will also launch its TV Series “Skylanders Academy” on Netflix. And lastly – and this is probably the most interesting part for a real Skylander fan – you will be able to create your very own Skylander in an app and have it 3D printed.


How to make your 3D Printed Skylander Figurine

For a sandstone 3D printed Skylander, you download the free Skylanders Creators app for iOS or Android. The app itself is pretty straightforward. It offers the same character creation tools you’ll find in the console game. You’ll get access to special “Timed Imaginite Chests” and “Sensei Chests,” which give you access to new features for your 3D printed Skylander. These chests will offer you new heads, accessories, and limbs to try out.

3D printed Skylander

After you’ve finished your creation on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll can to order it. Each 3D printed Skylander figure will set you back $50. It comes with a base and a clear, protective dome.

Fortunately, you get more than just a nice 3D printed Skylander figurine for your shelf. Thanks to an embedded NFC chip, it’s compatible with the new Imaginators game. This means if you put your 3D printed Skylander on the podium, your character will appear in the game digitally.


If 50 bucks are too much for your budget, you can also order a “high-quality, custom made” trading card for $15 instead. Like the 3D printed Skylander figurine, you can place it on the “Portal of Power” to unlock the character.

Lastly, there’s an option of having your creation on a T-shirt ($25). But hey, isn’t there anything cooler than having your own character in your favorite game?

Let‘s hope other gaming companies start offering 3D printed figurines.