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3D-printed piece of art

3D Printed Serengeti I Vase


vase 'Serengeti I' (image from shapeways)
Vase ‘Serengeti I’ (source: Shapeways)[/caption]

First impressions are important, someone can tell a lot about you by looking at your home décor. Just a peep at the floral arrangement, choice, and style of furniture can speak volumes about the personality of the homeowner.

Decorative vases have become a mainstay in the intricate art-form that is home décor. Vases accentuate the beauty of flowers adding elegance and style to your home leaving a lasting good impression on your guests. Vases bring out the colors and add life to your home.

When you think of beautiful vases, think the Serengeti I vase. 3D modeler and artist Digiwabi designed this dynamic 3D sculpture to add to your home décor. It combines a bold design with a kind of jungle-like theme on the body patterns. The Serengeti I is boldly graphic with an organic focus on sculpture and is great for an abstract floral display in your home.

You can get this great piece of art in full-color sandstone from Shapeways; it costs 238 Euro. If you prefer a vase in Multicolor Matt, head over to iMaterialise, where you get if for 168 Euro. Is has the following dimensions: 94.07 X 128.61 x 117.99mm / 3.704 x 5.063 x 4.642 inch.

Please note: The colors on the Serengeti I vase are not waterproof. So it is a good idea only to use dried/artificial flowers in a floral arrangement.

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