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3D Printed Rosie the Riveter From We the Builders

Rosie the Riveter

We the Builders are working on their fourth project; United States icon Rosie the Riveter will be 3D printed by many people across the world.

The fourth project from We the Builders has the team focusing on one very important cultural figure in America. Rosie the Riveter has been sculpted by Jen Schachter as part of her work as Special Projects Manager at the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore. 

Her sculpture will be 3D printed by many people across the planet, with separate segments glued together to create a collaborative model. The oil-based clay sculpture is only 7″ tall. Direct Dimensions 3D scanned Rosie and scaled her up to 33″ tall. She will be one of four projects completed by We the Builders.

The way their process works is to slice up the 3D model into 289 printable pieces using Netfabb. Afterwards, the pieces are organized into sets of four color categories.

Anyone can help print Rosie. The goal is to have her completed by the end of 2016. Listen to Schachter explain the process in the video below:

Bringing Rosie the Riveter to Life

Do you think you can help with the project? We the Builders are working with the Digital Harbor Foundation for the final assembly process. 

Don’t have the right filament? The project pages urges that makers should “feel free to use whatever materials you want, but please do your best to match the color category for your part!”

They’re looking for dark materials for Rosie’s hair, light ones for her arms and face and red for her headband. Blue filament will print her shirt. Schachter points out that this process worked very well with the last three projects.

Although your color choice is slightly restricted, your material options are not. The team says: “Our past projects have included parts made from ABS, PLA, PHA, wood, resin, metal plated, UV reactive, bronze filled, glow-in-the-dark, and multicolor dyed and filament-swapped parts.”

To join in, simply click one of the “Give me a File to Print” buttons on the Rosie the Riveter page. You can then print your piece and send it, along with a photo and the dimensions to the team.

If you’re happy with your print, you can ship it. There’s no limits to how many pieces you can print. However, you may want to be quick because Rosie is almost complete.

We the Builder’s sculptures have toured maker-related events around northeastern United States. Therefore, your work will be on display for hundreds of people.

rosie the riveter