Praise the Heavens

21st Century Pope: 3D Printed Pontiff to Bless your Home

3D Printed Pontiff

Missing Pope Francis already? Thanks to the magic and mystery of additive manufacturing, you can have a 3D printed pontiff of your very own.

3d printed pontiffCuddly Pope Francis is safely back in Vatican City after a whirlwind 10-day tour of Cuba and the United States. Are you already missing his warm, reassuring presence in your life?

Fret not, true believer. Thanks to 3D printing specialists Staramba, you can now bring the Pope into your own home with a custom-made 3D printed figurine. Depending on which stage of his visit moved you most, you can even order your figurine with your choice of background.

Choose from a NYC background, where he waved at dogs and joggers in Central Park. Or perhaps a Havana background, where he reconnected with the Cuban people. There’s even a Washington DC option, where he addressed gathered politicians about the dangers of climate change.

Alternatively, you can buy a scale figurine of the Pope on his home turf outside St. Peter’s Basilica.

Take a Virtual Selfie with the 3D Printed Pontiff

All the photorealistic models, available in a variety of sizes, are made from sandstone, in which a gypsum-based powder is held together with a binding agent.

They’re produced on a full-color 3D printer and received an elaborate finishing touch by hand. With prices starting at $69, you’re sure to have an interesting conversation piece for your next bible study.

Staramba also offers the option to recreate you as a 3D figurine, posing arm in arm with the 3D printed pontiff. Called Me and My Star in 3D, it’s a brilliant (if slightly creepy) idea for anyone obsessed with their hero. Worth keeping in mind for an eccentric birthday present!

However, think twice before you Instragram your new figurine. According to Pope Francis, social media has made us all lonely.