Europe’s First 3D Printed Pavilion Built with Additive Construction

3D Printed Pavilion
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A 3D printed pavilion inspired by nature is a first in Europe, showcasing the future of sustainable architecture with additive construction.

Europe’s first 3D printed, 4-meter-tall concrete Pavilion was unveiled on the Dassault Systèmes Campus in Vélizy, France. The 3D Pavilion was built using additive construction methods and inspired by nature.

Additive construction is a technique which French startup XtreeE is hoping will completely change the construction industry. The pavilion was a way to show off the technology’s capabilities.

In order to make the Pavilion, Dassault Systèmes 3D simulation was used to optimize the design. It was then printed using concrete developed by LafargeHolcim R&D and ABB‘s IRB8700 industrial robot.

In the 360 degree video below, you can immerse yourself into the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to see how Dassault Systèmes worked with XtreeE to make the 3D Printed Pavilion.

What does the 3D Printed Pavilion Prove?

The 3D printed pavilion demonstrates some of the many benefits of additive construction. For example, it’s good for the environment as no waste is produced.

Another factor is that materials don’t need to be transported on and off site. Architects majorly benefit from the technology as additive construction allows for absolutely any form to be built.

Philippe Morel, architect and founder of EZCT Architecture & Design Research, began startup XtreeE. The company’s mission is to replace traditional construction methods with 3D printing techniques.

Morel collaborated with ABB, the robotics software developer HAL Robotics, and LafargeHolcim for three years before he founded XtreeE.

In order for the startup to change the construction industry, XtreeE is working with Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. The company allows XtreeE access to its simulation, design and manufacturing solutions on the Cloud. They also mentor and consult the startup. 

Anyone interested in XtreeE’s project can share their ideas and even contribute to the work on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Source: 3DExperience Labs

3D Printed Pavilion