3D Printed Monicker Watch is Stylish and Recyclable

monicker watch

Belgian designers propose a new concept in watchmaking that’s 3D printed, stylish, and fully recyclable. Meet the Monicker Watch.

monicker watchFor their entry to the Belgian Additive Design Challenge, Frederic Pieck and Rob Hendrickx have created the Monicker Watch concept, a 3D printed timepiece with a cutting edge philosophy and sustainable style.

What makes it so radical? Each Monicker Watch is fully recyclable and manufactured on demand, with a simple construction that consists of only four components: a case, a strap, a cover and a back.

The case is 3D printed from alumide, a material which is resilient but fully regrindable.

The 3D printed cover is made from PLA or stainless steel, and has built-in NFC technology so it can communicate with other devices or store personal data.

Another 3D printed part of the watch is the movement cover and crown. Everything is then brought together with a luxury “bio” leather strap.

Because every part of a Monicker Watch can be repaired and replaced, the designers reason that “a Monicker watch invites you to take responsibility over the materials that you bought and what’s more, to think about what all our other stuff is made of.”

Monicker Watch Makes it Personal

monicker watchIn developing their concept, the designers have given the Monicker Watch a distinct sense of identity and style. The word Monicker means, quite literally, “personal name”.

As they state in their manifesto:

“Monicker is not just eco-conscious, she’s also freaking pretty. I mean, look at her. She’s clean, a true featherweight and she caters to your whatever look you’re into. When you purchase a Monicker, you’re investing in sustainability and a cleaner future: something so sorely missed in the production of luxury products today.”

However, brilliant as the design may be, we should remember that the Monicker Watch is still only a prototype, with no plans to be brought to market yet.

That may change if it does well in the Additive Design Challenge, however. The winners will be announced in only a few short weeks.

In the meantime, do you think the Monicker Watch would make a positive impact on the environment? Would you wear one?