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3D Printed Formula One Wheel is Perfect for Racing Sims

Simulated Racing
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A dedicated Zortrax user designed and printed his own simulated racing hardware, giving him the taste of a real Formula One race.

If you are a racing sim enthusiast, you know you need an excellent controller to get the most out of your game. There are several controllers out on the market. But they aren’t exactly cheap. Nor are they made to suit your exact needs.

James, a Zortrax M-200 3D printer user and racing enthusiast, started to envision his own Formula 1 racing wheel. When he was having trouble finding the perfect hardware, he took matters into his own hands and decided to make his own wheel.

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3D printing a Formula 1 Racing Wheel

James’ hardware was designed for his own use. So he adjusted everything to suit his needs. His intention was to enhance his sim racing experience with an authentic looking device. The final product has a striking resemblance to Ferrari’s Formula1 wheel.

Although James was initially a beginner with 3D printing technology, he soon picked it up. He then chose to use Zortrax’s proprietary Z-HIPS a material for durability and its warping-resistant nature. He eliminated the need for a post-process with his 3D printed parts thanks to the matte finish of the filament.

The final stage of James’ project was to wire all of the controls and buttons. As you can imagine from looking at the wheel, this was a momentous task, but James pulled it off. The finished wheel has a fantastic look about it and James can continue with his sim racing in style.

If you are looking to 3D print your own 3D printed F1 racing wheel, take a look at these models.

(Source: Zortrax)