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3D Printed Costume: Fashion Design in a Sci-Fi Time Machine

3D printed costume
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Looking for an outfit which wouldn’t look amiss on Star Trek? 3D modeler Aiman Akhtar has just the thing, a 3D printed costume with fiber optic lights.

In 2015, professional 3D modeler Aiman Akhtar was commissioned by 3D World Magazine to design a unique print for each month of the year. The project culminated with this fantastic dress, a 3D printed costume inspired by bleeding edge science fiction.

Akhtar maintained the momentum from month to month with smaller 3D printed objects, and planned for his final project to bring all of these previous elements together. The previous designs revolved around futuristic shapes, and so for his final piece he decided to create a Sci-Fi inspired dress that could only have been made using a 3D printer.

Using additive manufacturing meant he could create more ambitious shapes that would have been too expensive or impractical via conventional means. To bring his elaborate design to life, he used the Form 1+ desktop 3D printer, which specializes in stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printing.3d printed costume

How was the 3D Printed Costume created?

To begin with, Akhtar took a 3D scan of model Jessica Dru Johnson to ensure a perfect fit. He then used these scans as a base model and extracted shapes from her contours to create different form-fitting components.

Jessica’s scan was used in ZBrush as a base to extract these shapes and create concept designs with all of his inspiration coming from Sci-Fi movies and high-end runway fashion.

3D scan of model Jessica Dru Johnson

Aiman then began printing the core components such as the breastplates and straps, using the Form 1+. “I love the detail I can get out of my Form 1+. My process is constantly evolving requiring a versatile and reliable high quality 3D printer,” he said.

To finish off the piece and give it a real Sci-Fi look, Aiman incorporated LED and optic fiber cables into the dress, creating a very striking final result.

If you’re impressed by this design and want to see more then check out Aiman’s new business venture in Los Angeles — a site that specializes in transforming 2D creations into 3D sculptures.

3d printed costume