Featured image of Beyoncé, Hillary and Serena as 3D Printed Christmas Tree Toppers
Women To Look Up To

Beyoncé, Hillary and Serena as 3D Printed Christmas Tree Toppers

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by Hanna Watkin
Dec 18, 2017

The not-for-profit organization, Women to Look Up to, is 3D printing Christmas tree toppers to help fund projects to further female equality.

This holiday, choose feminism friendly festivities. That means equal numbers of presents for everyone, an equal share of Christmas dinner cooking and equal time spent putting up and bringing down the decorations.

Why not also trade in the antiquated tree-topping angel this Christmas for a modern makeover? Instead, why not include a real woman to look up to? Say, Beyonce ot Serena Williams?

Taking the phrase “women to look up to” literally is a UK not-for-profit organization. They’ve created a fantastic 3D printed present – for next Christmas.

Choose from three popular women including, Hilary Clinton, Serena Williams, and Beyonce. If the woman you look up to is someone you know, you can have her 3D printed too. (So long as she’s able to visit London to be 3D scanned).

Then, the woman you admire most would adorn your Christmas tree forever, replacing the Victorian-inspired angel.

After purchasing a woman to look up to, you’re also aiding the not-for-profit organization to reinvest in projects to further female equality.

Women to Look up to

If you’re excited by the idea of having Serena adorn your Christmas tree, you’ll have to order for next year. The company state on their website:

“Unfortunately due to unprecedented demand and 3D printing timings, we are unable to deliver any new orders before the new year. Thank you to all those who have supported the project. Merry Christmas.”

But, if you’re already preparing for next Christmas, the tree topper will cost just £100. To secure the 3D print to the tree is a wire tie which fits into holes at the back of the design. Each woman is 3D printed to “pinpoint accuracy”.

However, if you’d like to 3D print a special someone, it’ll cost £195. The non-profit add: “A mother, daughter, sister or friend you think is worthy of wings? Or a CEO, colleague, or Christmas party to celebrate? We can create your very own special someone Christmas Angel Tree Topper.”

If you’re not a Beyonce, Serena or Hillary Clinton fan, you can now vote for the fourth woman to be 3D printed, here, ready for next year. Visit the shop to purchase your tree topper.

Women To Look Up To

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