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3D Printed Bike Blinker Makes Your Ride A Lot Safer

Bike Blinker

Do you ride your bike around a city without protection or lighting? Designer Will Haude has created a 3D printed bike blinker for you.

Will Haude, is Founder and Lead Designer at 3D Brooklyn; a modern manufacturing company based in New York. Their aim is to offer the complete modern manufacturing experience by guiding you through from 3D design to choosing materials and machines.


Will begins by explaining his motivation for the blinker: “I love biking and I hate being in the subway. Signalling is super important. So the bike blinker is my answer to being able to show everyone where I’m going, in the hopes that everyone will show me where they’re going.”

Why Do I Need a 3D Printed Bike Blinker?


His design was created as an alternative to having to stick out your hand in order to signal your direction.

The bike blinker is placed on the back of the bike and functions by tapping it on and off. Whether it is day or night, Will claims that people will be able to see it – making riding your bike around the city a much safer experience

As electronics have had to be included in his piece, Will claims the 3D print was made possible by 3D printing company Shapeways. He said: “3D printing empowers me to create whatever object I can think of, because that’s exactly what it does. Shapeways lets me print in a range of high-quality materials that I cannot print with my printers. It’s great to have a manufacturer and marketplace on one site.”

If you’re interested in having one of your own, then check out the design and don’t worry about whether it will work for you – the bike blinker has been designed to fit any seat post or any bike!

As a final wish, Will said: “It would be awesome if it became just a staple for every bike to have a blinker in general, and ideally they’d be built into the bike, I guess. But more than anything, it makes it accessible for anyone to get one of these blinkers themselves and install it onto their own bike.”

Check out 3D Brooklyn here, and make sure to watch the video of Will talking about his creation below.