Matt Damon Style

3D Print Your “Elysium” Themed Exoskeleton


If you’re interested in cosplay, this sci-fi inspired, “Elysium” themed 3D printed exoskeleton could be the perfect next build.

Australian company 3Dprintit create a 3D printed exoskeleton, inspired by Matt Damon’s character in the movie Elysium.

3Dprintit owner Alex Czech has continued to grow his design, beginning with the simple idea of making 3D printed universal joints, he ended up created an impressive exoskeleton hand with 13 parts. Since then, he has continued to build up the entire suit, with 3D printed arms and now exoskeleton legs and feet.

Czech claims that the exoskeleton parts are comfy to wear and that there is potential for robotics as the design expands. So long as you have the skills to create your own, this creation could be extremely fun and especially useful for anyone interested in cosplay.


How can I Build my Own?

To begin with, you need to download the files for the suit from Cults 3D, which are available for just $21.00.

Once you have downloaded the files, a good idea is to check out Czech’s free instruction manuals which are also on the download page. Here he shows you how to 3D print and assemble the exoskeleton legs and feet.

The print is meant to be made using ABS 3D printing filaments and Czech printed all of the parts using his Up Plus. He points out that you will also need extra supplies, such as; metal screws, super glue, buckles an old belt, some and some black plastic.

However, don’t worry as Czech makes the challenging process as easy as possible and his guides are very simple to follow meaning it shouldn’t take you too long to build the perfect cosplay outfit.

Czech said: “What you are downloading is the result of countless hours of test printing to give you the most freedom of movement whilst still feeling strong and solid.”

If you’re tempted to build your own exoskeleton suit, let us know how it goes in the comments and make sure to check out Czech’s page here.