3D Print this Cool Tesla Mini Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Are you a Tesla fan? You can now charge up your phone in the same way you charge up your car with this 3D printed design.

Martin Hansen from Northern Germany, is a 3D printing novice and Tesla driver who has designed a 3D printed mini Tesla Supercharger which works for your smartphone.

If you’re not familiar with Tesla, you should be. In 2015, it was the world’s best-selling electric car and the company have spent a lot of time and energy making their Model S extremely easy and quick to charge. There are currently 604 Supercharger stations with 3,542 Superchargers in the US.

Hansen’s said: “I spent almost all of my free time researching Tesla Motors and the Model S. This is the future. Visiting the supercharger station again, the idea came into my mind: the supercharger network is the key to success for Tesla – so every Tesla owner would love to have an own supercharger at home.”

But the question is, does Hansen’s design charge a smartphone any quicker than a standard charger on the market already?


How Did Hansen Create the Smartphone Tesla Supercharger?

Hansen set to work on his 3D printed design creating six printable components which require very little assembly once printed. The device can be used with any smartphone cable and the finished product looks just like a the original inspiration.

All of the components for this design were 3D printed using ABS and a Zortrax M200 3D printer apart from the white case as Hansen decided to use a supplier to print it using SLS technology. But, this case can also be printed yourself too.

What is impressive about this design is that Hansen was a 3D printing novice before this project and spent weeks learning basic CAD with Autodesk Inventor before he could complete his plans.

However, the downside is that Hansen’s 3d printed Supercharger does not work any faster than any other charger. But, if you’re a Tesla fan, don’t be too discouraged as it does look great sitting with your smartphone on the dashboard of your Tesla car.

If you fancy having your own 3D printed Supercharger, then head over to Hansen’s website where he has uploaded the STL files for you to download.