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3D Print Your Own “Star Trek: Discovery” Badges

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by Anatol Locker
October 6, 2017

“Star Trek: Discovery” has more action, a brand-new design, lens-flares and modern visuals. Even if you’re not into cosplay, these 3D printed insignia badges are a must-have.

New worlds, new civilizations, new designs, new captains, new uniforms, new Klingon masks – the latest series of the “Star Trek” universe is a more mysterious, somewhat darker and definitely more modern than the last TV show “Enterprise”. Also, its design had a major overhaul.

This caught the attention of Jose, who publishes on the CityAperture YouTube channel. He designed the four Star Trek Discovery insignia badges by taking stills from the TV show and turning the pictures from 2D into 3D models. Currently, there are four versions for Command, Science, Operations, and Medical.

He used AutoCAD before the show initially aired using promotional images as references. The mysterious black (Black Ops?, see below) badge, introduced in Season 1 Episode 3, is unfortunately not part of his set.

How to 3D Print Your Own “Star Trek: Discovery” Badges

Printing the badges takes around 40 minutes each. Postprocessing might take a little longer. Jose used multiple rounds of sanding, priming, and filling to get a smooth, metallic surface. After the main colors were added, the emblems were filled in with black paint.

If you want to 3D print your own “Star Trek: Discovery” insignia badges, just head over to Thingiverse. To attach them properly, you could use some magnets. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you should consider have the badges printed by a professional 3D printing service (best price here).

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(Source: makers.txtx.africa)


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