3D Printing for Modders

ASUS Lets You Customize Motherboard, GPU And Peripherals


Asus adds special mounting points on their new Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard, GPU, and peripherals. Modders now can attach 3D printed logos and personalize their PC.

Asus is one of the first PC manufacturers that offers their customers to modify and customize their components. The Taiwanese company decided to go through with this idea after they got some feedback from modders for their 3D printed panels at Computex 2016 in Taipei.

Although at this stage, their prints were fairly basic, the response from the community was great. From this, they decided to add an extra feature to the new Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard.

The result: Modders can now attach personalized, 3D printed logo panels.

How can I use 3D printing for modding my PC?

For the Z170 motherboard, Asus added a couple of mounting points into the lower left corner of the PCB. The mounts use the same screws as M.2 drives and gamers can use them to add 3D printed additions to their motherboard.

The company has even created some 3D printed add-ons of its own. These include a 3D printed fan mount for M.2 drives. This can be used to very quickly cool off an M.2 SSDs.


A huge benefit of this is that the mount can also be added to the motherboard’s standard mounting holes, leaving space for a 3D printed personalized logo panel. The community of Asus users has now imagined up some very useful parts. For example, a 3D printed SLI bridge. and ergonomic 3D printed finger rests for computer mice.


If you fancy adding your own idea or downloading any of these 3D printable accessories, head to the ASUS Republic of Gamers forum.

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