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3D Crafts Bowl, Nature Inspired & Ceramic Printed

3D Crafts Bowl

The 3D Crafts Bowl by Alice Le Biez (source: i.Materialise)
The 3D Crafts Bowl by Alice Le Biez (source: i.Materialise)

The 3D Crafts Bowl is no ordinary bowl; it’s an award-winning design by Alice Le Biez, a French designer based in Manchester, England. Inspired by nature, her unique creation is 3D printed in ceramic materials. It has a hand-made appearance that favours emotion over complexity.

The 3D Crafts Bowl was originally a series of bowls 3D printed with three different materials; ceramic, nylon and acrylic. The materials were used to compare and contrast how they changed the bowl’s appearance in terms of artistry and finishing. Proof positive of how 3D printers can enable designers and craftsmen to experiment further in realising their vision.

3D Crafts Bowl is Food Safe

Currently, the 3D Crafts Bowl is only available to purchase in ceramic materials. Models made out of ceramics are constructed from alumina silica ceramic powder, and sealed with porcelain and silica. A glaze is applied after printing which is a lead free, non-toxic gloss. The material is heat resistant up to 600°C, recyclable, and (currently) the only 3D printing material that’s safe for food. All of which makes this the perfect material for home decor and tableware, especially with food and beverages.

The 3D Crafts Bowl would make a beautiful addition to your home, perhaps as a functional item to store and exhibit your fruit, or purely by itself as a standalone piece of art. Either way, it’s guaranteed to accentuate the look of any given room. The bowl is available from i.Materialise in gloss white and priced at €149.47. There’s also a medium-size bowl costing €117.95

Buy the normal-size bowl from i.Materialise

Buy the medium-size bowl from i.Materialise