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3D Clip Stand for Tablet or Smartphone

3D Clip Stand

Looking for something to prop up your tablet or smartphone on a flat surface? The 3D Clip Stand is the solution.

The 3D Clip Stand is a very simple, adjustable stand for devices such as tablets, smartphone, e-readers, clipboards, or even similar flat rectangular objects. The clip not only provides angled support: It can also serve as a handle or a hand strap.

Walter's Clip Stand (source: Thingiverse)
Walter’s 3D Clip Stand (source: Thingiverse)

The Clip Stand was created by designer Walter, who uploaded the 3D print files to Thingiverse. There are two editions of the 3D printed Clip Stand: one for small tablets and one for smartphones. If you need a clip for a different sized device, you can use the “Opn in Customizer” button on the Thingiverse page and modify the dimensions.

If you have a 3D printer or you have access to one, simply download the STL file for your clip from Thingiverse. If not, upload the STL file to our 3D Printing Price Comparison to find the best online 3D printing service to print it for you.