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3D Printed Helmet – 5 Most Amazing Models

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by James Murphy
Jan 31, 2019

Continuing with our series of 3D printed things, it's time to turn the spotlight on helmets! From action hero accessories to protective headgear, here are the 5 coolest 3D printed helmets.

3D Printed Helmet Stay Safe Looking Good

The Iron Man helmet.
The Iron Man helmet. Source: samohtep / Instructables

Thanks to 3D printing, keeping your head safe and sound doesn’t have to be boring. If you wanted to kit yourself out with some fantastic headgear, the options are only growing!

With this article, we present a selection of helmets made through 3D printing, from ones you can make yourself to some serious products designed to keep your head safe. 

Just note that, with several of these helmets, proper protection is not guaranteed!

3D Printed Helmet 1. Iron Man

3D printed Iron Man mask and helmet.
3D printed Iron Man mask and helmet. Source: samohtep / Instructables

What is it? The Iron Man helmet is one of the most iconic helmets of all time. This model is printed in several pieces. When finished and assembled, it looks just like the one from the movies. Obviously, some work is required to get there, but if you have the time and inclination, this is a fantastic project. 

Who designed it? samohtep

Who printed it? The designer for one, but it’s free to download, so assuming you have access to a printer, you can print it, too! There are also step-by-step instructions on how to turn the print into a fully finished helmet with eyes that light up!

Where to find it? Instructables

3D Printed Helmet 2. Storm Trooper

The shine tells you it's the real thing.
The shine tells you it's the real thing. Source: Geoffro / Thingiverse

What is it? Okay, maybe this is the most recognizable helmet out there — a full-scale storm trooper helmet from the Star Wars saga. Everyone will know you mean business with this one. Again, if you want it to look super realistic, you’re going to need to invest a lot of time finishing it, but the end result will undoubtedly be worth it.

Who designed it? Geoffro

Who printed it? Over 120 people have successfully printed the stormtrooper helmet. Anyone can download the files under the Creative Commons license, and there’s also information and tips on how to get a good print on the downloads page.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

3D Printed Helmet 3. Legionnaire's Helmet

An outstanding piece of work.
An outstanding piece of work. Source: customprototypes.ca

What is it? An incredible reproduction of a Roman legionnaire’s helmet. It showcases the power of 3D printing to recreate artifacts and art from the past. The level of detail on this helmet is immense and, if finished properly, it looks very very real.

Who designed it? Custom Prototypes

Who printed it? Custom Prototypes

Where to find it? Unfortunately, this is just an exhibition piece and would be prohibitively expensive and far too complicated for most hobbyists.

3D Printed Helmet 4. Magneto's Helmet

Thwarting all telepaths.
Thwarting all telepaths. Source: do3d.com

What is it? Magneto’s helmet from X-Men — pure simplicity and style. Who wouldn’t want to look like one of Marvel’s most iconic villains (and simultaneously protect themselves from mind reading)? This is probably the most accessible helmet in the list, with minimal finishing required to get a decent-looking effect. 

Who designed it? Do3D

Who printed it? Difficult to say, as the helmet is only available on the Do3D website, and unfortunately not for free.

Where to find it? Do3D’s website

3D Printed Helmet 5. Bike Helmet

Go faster, worry less.
Go faster, worry less. Source: kupol.ca

What is it? Kupol, a stylish and safe bike helmet designed specifically for 3D printing. This is an actual safety helmet, rather than just a novelty one, and according to the designers, it’s also comfortable. It’s a very stylish and high tech option for people who like biking. 

Who designed it? Gabriel Boutin

Who printed it? Available via Kupol’s website, this helmet is 3D printed in nylon on an HP multi-jet printer. 

Where to find it? Kupol’s website

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