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3 Must-Have 3D Printing Books

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by Tobias Hullette
Nov 22, 2018

Need a straightforward guide to 3D printing? Here are three great books to feed your interest. Each of them will be a great resource for your 3D printing inquiries!

Must-Have 3D Printing Books Why Books?

Retired books -- a sorry sight.
Retired books -- a sorry sight. Source: Sceptics Corner

Today, information is at our fingertips. With the click of a button, forums, tutorials, guides, and articles pop up to appease our curiosity. In the meantime, physical resources are often left to gather dust on bookshelves. But is that really fair?

In reality, inexperienced individuals litter online sources with faulty information all the time. Meanwhile, with a book about 3D printing, you can find reliable content about hardware, software, projects, tutorials, troubleshooting, and much more, all in one place.

Here are three must-have, go-to 3D printing books that should never see the bottom shelf.

Must-Have 3D Printing Books 1. Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing

Image of: 1. <span class="link" data-action="modal-open" data-modal-ajax="/en/product-overlay/119685/limit/0/">Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing</span>
Source: Amazon

What’s it about? 3D printing is changing the world. Engineers, designers, and even doctors are using 3D printers to quickly create conceptual or functional parts. Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing is a ground-up (or should I say build-plate-up) guide to 3D printing. It explores everything from the history of 3D printing to hands-on exercises to the best hardware for consumers. If you are interested in or new to 3D printing, this is a must-have book!

Who wrote it? Liza and Nick Kloski

Product image of Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing

Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing

Must-Have 3D Printing Books 2. 3D Printing For Dummies (Second Edition)

Image of: 2. <span class="link" data-action="modal-open" data-modal-ajax="/en/product-overlay/70113/limit/0/">3D Printing For Dummies</span> (Second Edition)
Source: Amazon

What’s it about? 3D Printing For Dummies is a great guide to 3D printing! Including introductory guides to 3D designing, scanning, slicing, and printing, this book will help you realize your ideas in 3D.

Who wrote it? Richard Horne (RichRap) and Kalani Kirk Hausman

Must-Have 3D Printing Books 3. The 3D Printing Handbook

Image of: 3. <span class="link" data-action="modal-open" data-modal-ajax="/en/product-overlay/70077/limit/0/">The 3D Printing Handbook</span>
Source: Amazon

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