Pussy Galore

11 Meowsome Accessories to 3D Print for your Cat


A happy cat makes for a happy household. Here are some 3D printed accessories to keep that furry feline well fed, groomed, and entertained.

Okay, so you have a 3D printer, and you’ve reached the saturation point when it comes to 3D printing doohickeys for your iPhone, GoPro camera, or Pebble Watch. Where to go next?

Why not share the joys of 3D printing with the household cat? Take a look at these practical accessories you can fabricate for your feline companion, ranging from toys to feeders to grooming tools. Each one is a bit more sensible than cat armor (though that’s an option, too).

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #1: Food-dispensing Cat Toy


Fill this simple cat toy with kibble and watch your cat bat it around in attempt to get at the treats inside. But before you cry “Foul!” and claim cruel and unusual punishment, rest assured that the toy will eventually dispense a yummy tidbit.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #2: Cat Drinking Pond


Keep your cat well-hydrated with this self-filling drinking pond. This particular model accommodates soda pop bottles and maintains water level via the magic of gravity. Not to worry though, neither you nor your cat has to know anything about physics to enjoy this simple device. Best use a PET-G filament (no pun intended) for 3D printing, as it’s food-safe.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #3: Cat Food Lid


Though it may not look like much to you, your cat may not be able to down a full can of their favorite brand of cat food. 3D print your very own cat food tin lid, and keep that mystery meat moist and delicious all day long. As the 3D printed cat food lid may come in contact with food, you might want to use PET-G filament, unless you want to cultivate a bacteria breeding ground.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #4: Auger-based Automatic Cat Feeder


With a bit of work and some simple 3D printing, your cat can enjoy automatic feeding at a time and place of your choosing. You will need to program the control logic with an Arduino board, but the rewards of your labor will be a contented cat.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #5: Wobbly Cat Ball


This may look like a simple ball for puss to chase. But there’s another, smaller ball printed inside that is off-centre, meaning the ball will *never* roll straight. Guaranteed to drive that little kitty crazy with delight.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #6: Cat Toy Rack


For those of you who enjoy both a feline fetish and the propensity to organize, your dreams have finally come true. Organize all your cat’s playthings in one handy place with this 3D printed, wall-mountable toy holder.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #7: Cat Dish Stabilizer


No one likes to eat out of a wobbly dish… not even cats with painted claws (see image above). With this 3D printed stabilizer, never worry about those spills again. Come to think of it, we may have to print one of these things for our human companions.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #8: Pooper Scooper


Let’s cut the crap. Being a responsible cat owner means having to regularly clean out the kitty litter box. Make the job less of a grind with a 3D printed pooper scooper, in any color or pattern of your choosing.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #9: Pet Brush


Speaking from experience, there’s very little that a cat loves more than a good hard brushing. Give its fur a good working over with this flexible pet brush. Perfect for the change of seasons when kitty is shedding.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #10: Bandage Cage for Cat Leg


Sometimes, accidents do happen. This 3D printed cage can be printed to accommodate any limb (and bandage) on your cat, with the purpose of keeping them from attacking the very thing that helps them to heal.

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3D Printed Cat Accessories #11: Cat Toy Race Track


This project is a work of genius. Print and assemble a semi-closed track, drop in a ball, and your pet can play a kitty version of tetherball. Whichever direction they swipe the ball, it goes all the way around and back again. Clever, eh?

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