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10 Coolest Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print

Destiny cosplay

Destiny has a loyal fan base among gamers. Makers also are drawn to the exotic weaponry and items. Here are the best 3D printed Destiny props.

One thing’s for sure: Destiny is here to stay. Bungie just released the long-awaited add-on “The Taken King” and made some enhanced to the weaponry system of the game. Though the single player content was a bit short, this shooter is still going among multiplayer gamers… and also among makers. Here are the coolest Destiny props and accessories to 3D print.

If you don’t own a 3D printer, you can get the parts 3D printed by a professional 3D printing service. Use All3DP’s price comparison service to get the best price.

10 Coolest Destiny Cosplay Props to 3D Print

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #1: Destiny Ghost


What is it? It’s your trusty ghost and companion throughout the game. A Ghost is a levitating artificial intelligence used by Guardians, this one fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Difficulty: Intermediate. Even if it looks difficult, it‘s just a matter of picking the right colors. 

Where can I find it? The files are available for free at MyMiniFactory. If you order it there, you get the unassembled and unpainted piece.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #2: Captain Fallen


What is it? The Fallen are a nomadic race of four-armed bipedal humanoids. They’re a species of pirates and mercenaries located on Earth and the Moon, and are of the primary antagonist race in Destiny.

Difficulty: It’s 11 pieces that can be easily assembled.

Where can I find it? The 3D printing files for Captain Fallen are also at MyMiniFactory.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #3: Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn


What is it? Gjallarhorn is an exotic rocket launcher. It can be purchased from Xûr or obtained as a reward from Crucible matches, Weekly Nightfall Strikes, ROC Strikes, engrams, Vault of Glass, or Crota’s End. Video

Difficulty: It‘s not an easy 3D print, and the sheer size of the replica makes it an expensive print. But look at these stunning details!

Where can I find it? You can buy it at $799 at MyMiniFactory or download the files for self-printing.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #4: Destiny Logo


What is it? It’s the 3D printed Destiny logo, made by maker Chris Wentworth.

Difficulty: It’s an easy print and great for 3D printing beginners.

Where can I find it? Over at MyMiniFactory.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #5: Thunderlord Machine Gun


What is it? After making the Duke MK 44 hand cannon maker Kirby Downey tasked himself with creating this a replica model of the Thunderlord weapon. The model consists of 45 parts all printed with three different materials (PLA, Ninjaflex, carbon fiber). The main body is regular PLA, the pipes, the bullet belt and the end of the butt stock is printed in ninjaflex and the site and the site rail are carbon fiber. It is one of the most well known weapons in Destiny due to it’s usaged during E3.

Difficulty: The 45 parts were printed in 12.000 minutes. So: It‘s not an easy print at all.

Where can I find it? Right here.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #6: Raze-Lighter Exotic Sword


What is it? Become a legend with this exotic sword! In the game, the sword deals solar damage.

Difficulty: It is comprised of 9 parts. It’s big, but manageable.

Where can I find it? Also at MyMiniFactory.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #7: Fatebringer Hand Cannon


What is it? Aah, the Fate Bringer. This mighty hand cannon is a rare weapon which drops from the vault of glass raid. The model prints on one bed and has holes for a 4.8mm metal rod to help with alignment and gluing.

Difficulty: Intermediate.

Where can I find it? Here. You can also buy it for $255 at MyMiniFactory, which is “big bucks for the bang”.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #8: Destiny Suros PDX


What is it? The Suros PDX is a legendary weapon from the new taken king Expansion from destiny. This weapon is manufactured by Suros, creator of the Suros regime. A popular exotic weapon used in the Crucible.

The Download is 10% larger the images shown. This is to make the weapon look a lot more impressive and more accurate.

Difficulty: This prop is made in 6 parts and has space for 4.8mm metal dowels to hold them in place and make the weapon stronger. Should be a manageable task for experienced makers.

Where can I find it? The Files are right here.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #9: Gauge Plugs


What is it? Gauge Plugs. If you’re not afraid of wearing glow in the dark material, this should be a cool accessory.

Difficulty: An easy print, for sure. Just print and color it the way you want.

Where can I find it? The free STL files are here.

Destiny Cosplay Props & Accessories to 3D Print #10: Last Word Handgun


What is it? Destiny’s Last Word hand cannon has a working swing-arm and cylinder, with separate power load (bullet).

Difficulty: Assembly is pretty straightforward. All parts have been printed before, although the gun frame was cut again to fit your parameters.

Where can I find it? You find the free files here. You can also have it printed and shipped to you for $299.