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Weekend Project: Design & 3D Print a Customized Sunburst Clock

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by Tyler Koslow
Nov 24, 2018

Weekend Project: Design & 3D Print a Customized Sunburst Clock

Designer and maker Laura Taalman has created a clock design generator that produces geometrically-driven retro clock models. The time is now: 3D print your own customized sunburst clock!

One of the most distinct advantages of 3D printing is the inherent ability it gives us to create completely customized objects. With some basic design skills and a desktop 3D printer, the possibilities of what you can make are endless.

With free software programs like OpenSCAD, 3D modeling has never been more accessible to the maker community. Even if you’re experienced with CAD, the 3D model repository Thingiverse has simplified to design process with Customizer, a simple interface that allows users to adjust parameters and customize existing models.

Designer and maker Laura Taalman (who goes by the username mathgrrl on Thingiverse) has utilized these tools to develop a clock design generator that creates custom timepieces. The result of this easy-to-use generator is personalized geometrically-driven clocks that are inspired by classic sunburst and atomic designs.

Taalman, a self-described “math geek and defender of the universe,” has created a code that can be modified to construct fascinating clock face designs. Using a 3D printer and a simple clock mechanism, you can create your very own!

Mount this 3D printed sunburst clock on your wall and watch as your guests stare in awe while the time ticks away. Let’s take a look at this fully customizable Weekend Project.

Weekend Project: Custom Sunburst Clock What You Need & How to Build it

Before 3D printing the sunburst clock, you can customize the design to your liking. Depending on your experience with CAD software, you can do this on OpenSCAD or on Thingiverse’s Customizer.

The designer created the clock design generator with OpenSCAD code, which can be downloaded via Thingiverse and modified in the CAD software. Taalman also explains that you can use the Customizer interface to experiment with various style parameters. As you’ll see, the Customizer platform gives users full control over the spokes, ticks, numbers, diameter etc.

In other words, the generator will allow you to create a truly customized clock face that has a complex geometrical design.

At this point, the rest of the design process is really up to you. Keep playing around with different factors and parameters until you achieve the clock face that you desire. Other than the 3D printed part of the timepiece, the only other component you need is a clock movement mechanism, which can be found for around $8 on Amazon.

And, if you don’t have a 3D printer or want to purchase a sunburst clock that is produced with professional 3D printing, you can buy one for $27 from the designer’s Shapeways store.

If you want to see this 3D printed sunburst clock in action, check out the video below. Otherwise, head on over to Thingiverse to download the STL or OpenSCAD files. Don’t waste another second, it’s time to get creative!

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