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Weekend Project: 5 3D Printing Projects to Light up the Holiday Season

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by Tyler Koslow
Dec 15, 2018

Weekend Project: 5 3D Printing Projects to Light up the Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what that means: it's time for some Christmas lights! Here are five different 3D printing projects to help jumpstart your decorative planning this holiday season.

Aside from your calendar, there are a lot of indicators that warn us about the forthcoming holiday season. The repetitive Christmas jingles that follow you through every store, crowds gathering at the local mall clamoring for deals, pine trees adorned with glitter found in every house and public space. Another part of the holiday-induced excitement that can’t be ignored are the lights.

You see them wrapped around every rooftop, piece of shrubbery, and Christmas tree. No matter what color or layout catches your eye, decorative lighting is the telltale sign that the most wonderful time of the year is approaching faster than Santa Claus on a reindeer-driven sleigh.

If you have a 3D printer and access to some LED lights, there are plenty of simple projects that will help spruce up your home. This list serves as a starting point for those who choose to extrude their Christmas decorations this year.

All you need to create the following five 3D printing projects is a desktop 3D printer and some LEDs. We’ll show you exactly what you need to create them, along with the 3D models and printing tips for each design.

And, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, be sure to check our list of 30 Festive Christmas Decorations You Can 3D Print at Home (twice) for more ideas.


3D Printed Christmas Lights Christmas Star

Image of 3D Printed Christmas Lights: Christmas Star

What is it? A Christmas tree isn’t complete without a star, so why not use your 3D printer to top off your decorative bark. This 3D printed Christmas Star has a complex design, but can be printed in multiple parts and assembled after the fact. The designer recommends using PETG or a transparent material to evoke some shine from the star.

It also has a 5mm bore so that you insert a LED wire into it, helping your tree shine brightly throughout the night. You can use a soldering iron or hot glue to attach the 12 spikes together before planting this 3D printed decoration atop the tree.

Who made it? chris_kmn

Where to Download? Thingiverse


3D Printed Christmas Lights Reindeer

Image of 3D Printed Christmas Lights: Reindeer

What is it? No one said dragging a sleigh around on a cold winter night was easy work, just ask the geometrically-driven 3D printed reindeer. This is a complex model that will require some support structures, but once you wrap your Christmas lights around this majestic model, your holiday spirit will shine brighter than Rudolph’s red nose.

The designer recommends using a 0.3 mm layer height and only adding supports to sections that are not touching build plate. Considering the complexity of this model, you have to balance the need for supports with the time and material that will be used. You can rotate the design in your slicer to minimize the need for support structures. After wrapping 180 Christmas lights around this 3D printed reindeer, you’ll have an antler-clad reindeer that will function as the focal point of your holiday decorations.

Who made it? Sushigogokatana

Where to Download? Thingiverse


3D Printed Christmas Lights Wave Lamp

Image of 3D Printed Christmas Lights: Wave Lamp

What is it? Enter the holiday season in style with this sleek 3D printed wave lamp. Taking a unique spin on the classic Christmas tree, this 3D printed model is the perfect decoration for a modern household that wants to celebrate ole Saint Nick without getting too cheesy.

Add a white LED into the base of this model and watch as the wavy lines reflect what can only be described as a minimalistic tree. You’ll probably need to print this design with supports to ensure that the curves come out properly. Forget the mess of loose pines and branches, this plastic plant provides enough Christmas spirit for one household.

Who made it? Markellov

Where to Download? Thingiverse


3D Printed Christmas Lights Industrial Lights

Image of 3D Printed Christmas Lights: Industrial Lights

What is it? Want to forego the pesky process of buying and hanging up Christmas lights? Add a little flair to your adornments with these 3D printable lights. Remixed from another model to fit the standard mini lights that are found in the US, these “Industrial Lights” have a unique shape and can be printed in a variety of festive colors.

Once you 3D print these light covers, you can simply slip it over LEDs that measure between 4.4 and 4.8mm. If you want to use 5mm LEDs, scale the model up by one or two percent. The Fusion 360 source file is included on the Thingiverse page, so feel free to modify and play around with your own designs.

Who made it? Kadah

Where to Download? Thingiverse


3D Printed Christmas Lights Christmas Elf Town

Image of 3D Printed Christmas Lights: Christmas Elf Town

What is it? You’ve heard of the infamous Elf on the Shelf, but where is this pointy-eared fellow supposed to go after a hard day’s work? Well, to the Christmas Elf Town of course! This quaint little 3D printable town is a great way to add a little light to your ornamental spread. It consists of five different houses that will have you feeling like you’re looking over the North Pole.

There are five slots located underneath the base that are designed to hold LEDs, turning this jolly little neighborhood into a lamp. It’s an easy print, and it also looks especially amazing with a bit of light shining through.

Who made it? lolo_aguirre

Where to Download? Thingiverse

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