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2019 Geeetech A20T 3D Printer: Review the Specs

Picture of Azzura Lalani
by Azzura Lalani
Nov 23, 2019

Is the relatively inexpensive Geeetech A20T the tricolor printer for you? Read on for our take of this printer’s specs.

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Geeetech has made a name for itself by pumping out Creality-esque machines at cheaper prices.

Its latest multi-color 3D printers are no different, offering features similar to Creality’s CR-X. Geeetech entered the market with the single-nozzle, multi-extrusion A20M printer in 2018 and has released a few more since then: the A10T, the A10M and the A20T.

Few multi-material extrusion printers are as cheap as Geeetech’s. The A20T rings in at well below the cost of a Prusa-MMU2 extruder combo and a Creality CR-X.

But, is the cheap and cheerful A20T the printer for you or should you drop more cash for a fancier multi-color printer? Read on for our review of this printer’s specs.

Geeetech A20T

Mix up the colors of your prints with this machine by Geeetech.

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Geeetech A20T: Review the Specs


Multi-color printing

In most respects, this is a pretty standard printer. Where it differs significantly is here: The A20T can combine different spools of filament and extrude them from one nozzle to create multi-color prints. The color mixing is controlled using the Geeetech Color Mixer software, which lets you pick how the colors blend and other specifications.

The software can blend colors too to create new ones. (Source: Geeetech)

Easy Assembly

The printer boasts a modular design that makes it easier to assemble. According to Geeetech, the build is done in three steps for minimal hassle. Its extruder even has a modularized design that is supposed to make swapping the wires in and out of your extruder a cinch.

Easy peasy. (Source: Geeetech)

Filament Detection & Print Resurrection

This is without a doubt a key feature in this printer if you want to keep your sanity. The printer alerts you when a spool is running out of filament so you can keep your multi-color prints chugging along smoothly. It also sports a print resurrection feature in case there is an unexpected stop.

Quiet Printing

The A20T has aluminum, v-shaped wheels and rails on each axis to reduce the noise the printer produces.

Optional Features

  • Auto-bed leveling
  • WiFi module
  • 3D touch

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Geeetech A20T: Review the Specs

Tech Specs

General Specifications

3D Printer Properties

  • Build volume: 250 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Feeder system: Bowden
  • Print head: Single nozzle
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Max. hot end temperature: 250℃
  • Max. heated bed temperature: 100℃
  • Print bed material: Coated glass
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Bed leveling: Manual (automatic bed leveling available for additional cost)
  • Connectivity: TF card, USB, optional WiFi add-on
  • Print recovery: Yes
  • Filament sensor: Yes
  • Camera: No


  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Third-party filament: Yes
  • Filament materials: Consumer materials (PLA, ABS)


  • Recommended slicer: Cura, EasyPrint 3D, Repetier-Host
  • Operating system: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
  • File types: STL, G-code

Dimensions and Weight

  • Frame dimensions: 442 x 447 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg

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Geeetech A20T: Review the Specs

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Geeetech A20T from the following retailers:

Geeetech A20T

Mix up the colors of your prints with this machine by Geeetech.

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