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Epax X1 UV LCD Resin 3D Printer – Review the Specs

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by Azzura Lalani
Aug 25, 2019

Is the Epax X1 UV LCD Resin 3D printer a worthy competitor to the Anycubic Photon S? Read on as we review the specs of this machine.

The Epax X1 UV LCD Resin printer is built by Epax 3D and is designed to avoid a lot of flaws in other sub-$1,000 resin 3D printers. It comes ready to print right out of the box (so long as you remember to also order resin separately) and boasts a host of features and an impressive printing ability.

The X1 is one of two resin 3D printer options produced by Epax 3D, the second of which is designed for the dental industry. The company also makes a variety of resins, including a dental castable one, a jewelry castable one, a bio-resin and a hard resin.

To learn more about this impressive machine and whether it’s too good to be true, read on for our review of its specs.

Product image of Epax X1

Epax X1 UV LCD Resin – Review the Specs Features

Image of Epax X1 UV LCD Resin – Review the Specs: Features
Source: Epax 3D

Non-FEP Film

While the resin vat can also use FEP film, the machine comes with what Epax claims is a superior non-FEP film right out of the box. Said to be sturdier, the non-FEP film also has a lower chance of sticking to the screen and potentially messing up your print. The vat also has a built-in rubber seal, which is supposed to make it leakproof.

3.5-inch color TFT touchscreen

This touchscreen should make all the printing functions and selecting options a cinch.

50 LED Matrix light source

This is a 50W light source, but in order to extend the life of the LCD mask screen, they lowered it to 40W.

2K LCD Mask

The Epax X1 features a 2K 2560 x 1440 px LCD display for its masking of the UV light source. This translates to an X/Y-resolution of 47-microns, putting the X1 in line with the majority of budget LCD-based resin 3D printers.


Unlike most printers in its price range, the X1 can be placed up against a wall due to its design. The machine opens up from the front with a lid lifts upwards, which should make it easier to clean up and pop out your print.

Upgraded Z-axis Carriage rail

While this remains to be seen, Epax 3D boasts that the X1 has no Z-wobble due to an upgraded Z-axis carriage rail. The X1 has a double steel rod-reinforced carriage, plus steel bearings and a wide shaft guide.

Efficient customer service

Again, it’s hard to say whether this is truly the case since we haven’t used their customer service ourselves, however, Epax 3D says it responds to e-mail inquiries “within hours” and that their number one priority is customer satisfaction. Many of the reviews of the X1 also mention positive interactions with the company’s customer service.

Wide Range of Resins

You’re not just limited to Esun resins with the X1, though the company does provide a decent variety of resins for use in the machine, including General Hard Resin, PLA Bio-resin, resin for dental, and castable resin. Esun products aside, the machine should work well with most 405nm wavelength LCD resins.


Right out of the box, the X1 is supposed to be ready to rumble. It’s calibrated at the factory and shipped out good to go the second it lands on your doorstep.


Epax X1 UV LCD Resin – Review the Specs Technical Specifications

3D Printing properties

Technology: LCD

Molding size: 115 mm x 65 mm x 155 mm

XY-resolution: 0.047 mm

Z-axis layer height: 0.01 mm

Print material: Resin

Layer print time: 6 – 7 seconds

Printer control: Touchscreen

Built-in camera for monitoring: No

Connectivity: SD card

Operating software: ChiTu Box


Epax X1 UV LCD Resin – Review the Specs Where to Buy

You can purchase the Epax X1 from the following online retailers:

Product image of Epax X1

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