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30 DIY Barbie Accessories You Can’t Buy in a Shop

Equip Barbie with the best of the best DIY Barbie accessories: from gladiator outfits to functional tea sets, you can 3D print it all!

There are plentiful of DIY Barbie accessories ready to go for all different sorts of occasions. But buying sets is not the only option. Designers from all over have proven this through the plethora of DIY Barbie accessories provided here that can be 3D printed. The best part is you can print exactly want you need/want, rather than having to buy the whole set for one piece. It’s also great for repairs/replacements.

We have a collection of DIY Barbie accessories to download and print yourself, but be sure to check out the complete Faire Play collection. zheng3 has put a whole collection together for Barbie to become the heroine of every story:

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can have every piece printed by a professional 3D printing service (more info here).



DIY Barbie Accessories Slat Skirt

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Slat Skirt

Printing clothes is perhaps the most fun use of printing DIY Barbie accessories. Like this skirt: A full hoop slat skirt that you can print in any color and any length. This fun skirt is ideal for Barbie’s next party.

Designer: Reagan Boyd

Find it on: MyMiniFactory.


DIY Barbie Accessories Mid Length Skirt

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Mid Length Skirt

This is an alternative skirt design that is more sleek and form fitting. It’s perfect for elegant parties, professional events, or just a day on the town! This wonderfully versatile Barbie accessory is a must need for any wardrobe.

Designer: Reagan Boyd

It’s also onMyMiniFactory.


DIY Barbie Accessories Athena Makeover

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Athena Makeover

As seen in the video above, Barbies are not just for riding in a convertible with Ken and changing clothes, Barbie is a warrior, too. Dress Barbie up with this Athena makeover to prepare her for battle. This print comes with boots, a spear and a shield. Add in a simple cloth robe and a rope belt and the outfit will be complete.

Designer: Jim Rodda

Gladiator it up on: Thingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Recurve Bow

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Recurve Bow

Not only can Barbie wield a spear, but she can also fire arrows like nobody’s business. This bow and arrow set is from the Faire Play’s collection and is another great example of the many hats Barbie can wear.

Designer: Jim Rodda

Find it on: Thingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Aegis Clip

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Aegis Clip

This Barbie accessory clip supplements the Athena makeover kit, enabling the Aegis (shield) to fit onto any Barbie model. It also helps the shield to fit more securely and eliminates the potential for the shield to pop off unwantingly – which could mean total disaster in battle.

Designer: Josh Ajima

The solution is on: Thingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Clothes Hangers

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Clothes Hangers

These hangers are modeled after the original hanger that came with kits such as “Barbie Style Ultimate Closet”. They are personalized with B for Barbie and K for Ken, or there are plain ones. Either way, they are specifically designed to hang Barbie clothes.

Designer: Chris Rogers

Get hanging with: Thingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Wardrobe

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Wardrobe

Barbie has a plethora of clothes, and yet nowhere to put them, or least not enough places to put them. Every collection of fine clothes must have a fine wardrobe to accompany it. This extra wardrobe helps with just that, it even comes with hangers. Score!

Designer: Karolina Penar

The files hang on: Thingiverse.


DIY Barbie Accessories Armoire

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Armoire

As has already been established, Barbie can never have enough places to put her array of fine clothes. This armoire is the perfect dressing companion for all those nice sweaters and clothes that don’t hang.

Designer: Sam Suchin

Find it on: MyMiniFactory.



DIY Barbie Accessories Crutches and Plaster Cast

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Crutches and Plaster Cast

Even Barbie has accidents sometimes. Help her to recover with this specifically designed cast and set of crutches. Print the cast in fun colors, or leave it white and decorate it yourself for added flair.

Designer: texano

Put Barbie back together withThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Wheelchair

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Wheelchair

Crutches can be a pain, literally and figuratively, to use sometimes. Wheel this in to give Barbie a break, or for when the damage surpasses the help of crutches. Wheelchairs are a requirement when leaving the hospital, so it’s important to have one on hand.

*note: print the files at 200% to fit Barbie/Ken/G.I. Joe.

Designer: Will Strange

Get wheeling on: Thingiverse.


DIY Barbie Accessories Un-Decapitation Hook

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Un-Decapitation Hook

When Barbie is a gladiator, sometimes accidents happen. Okay, even when Barbie isn’t a gladiator accidents happen. Regardless, with this hook those worries will be a thing of the past. It fits into the neck to easily snap Barbie’s head back on! Play surgeon for added fun of putting Barbie back together.

Designer: Brandon

Get your MD with: Thingiverse.

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Household items


DIY Barbie Accessories Tea Set

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Tea Set

A full tea set that actually holds up to 40 ml of liquid. Barbie will become the talk of the town by serving actual tea instead of air. It’s sure to make for the ultimate tea party.

Designer: pmoews

Get sipping withThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Forge Hammer

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Forge Hammer

In addition to wielding a spear and packing arrows, Barbie can make her own tools. Barbie really can do anything. This hammer is perfect not only for blacksmithery, but also for simple house repairs.

Designer: zheng3

Find it onPinshape.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Ladder

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Ladder

When you live in a mansion, you have to be able to take care of it. This ladder is perfect for playing house, doing repairs, painting the facade, or even building the mansion itself; she does already have the hammer. It could even work for a collapsible ladder entrance to a secret clubhouse.

Designer: Creative Tools

Climb withThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Guitar and Microphone

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Guitar and Microphone

To be a pop star is a far and wide shared fantasy. Live vicariously through Barbie with the help of these DIY Barbie accessories: Belt it out on the microphone while jamming along with the guitar. It was originally designed to accompany the Amy Winehouse articulated doll, but could easily be used for Barbie, as well.

Designer: Megan Brown

Embrace your musical talents hereMyMiniFactory.

Home Furniture


DIY Barbie Accessories Doll House out of Old CD Cases

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Doll House out of Old CD Cases

With these simple connectors, you can turn old unused CD cases into a house! You can customize where you want the walls to be, and you can even put “wall paper” in the CD cases to personalize it.

This is also great because it allows you to rearrange your doll house as your doll collections changes. You can easily pop off the connectors and move them around.

Designer: G4lile0 Galile0

These handy dandy connectors are onThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Eames Table and Chairs

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Eames Table and Chairs

DIY Barbie accessories often are either of an eloquent fancy style, or an old fashioned traditional style. This set of table and chairs mixes things up with a retro Eames set, a style that has returned as a modern trend of today.

Designer: Kayleigh Spring

Modernize your collection withThingiverse.


DIY Barbie Accessories Fancy Chair

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Fancy Chair

This chair is perfect for throwing eloquent banquets and balls. With a snazzy back, you’ll be throwing the snazziest of parties. If you look closely, it could also be perfect for an 8th birthday party.

Alternatively, a more standard dining room chair style from the 90s collection is here.

Designer: Michel Da Silva

It’s sitting onThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Tuftguy Chair and Couch

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Tuftguy Chair and Couch

Getting a couch for your first apartment is one of the greatest feelings. Moving from sitting on the floor to sitting on a comfy couch is a sign that you’ve made it to the next stage of adulthood. This duo set of DIY Barbie accessories could do that for Barbie by not only providing a couch, but an entire living room set!

Designer: Reagan Boyd

You can find both the chair and the couch on MyMiniFactory. There even is a Chaise to complete the collection.


DIY Barbie Accessories Round Dimpled Ottoman

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Round Dimpled Ottoman

Want to really step it up a notch? Kicking back and relaxing just isn’t the same without something to put your feet on, and who wants dirty feet on their coffee table? This ottoman is the perfect companion for the newly acquired arm chair and couch. Help Barbie and friends to relax with this essential relaxation accessory.

Designer: s s

Kick back withThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Bunk Beds

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are quintessential for summer camp. These would be perfect to line up a cabin full of bunk beds to simulate the wonders of summer camp. They are perfectly designed to fit the tall slender Barbie.

Designer: Carl Johnson

Find them onThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Gothic Style Bed

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Gothic Style Bed

It’s clear that Barbie works hard: she’s a gladiator, a home repair woman and a high-class broad. She deserves a bed fit for a queen to crash into at the end of the day. This bed is designed with a Gothic style to emulate this regal mode. For practicality, it has drawers underneath to store “linens”, or other secret items.

*note: the slats will need to be lengthened to completely fit Barbie.

Designer: Kathryn Bay

Find it on: MyMiniFactory.


DIY Barbie Accessories Window

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Window

Many a fantasy start with sitting on a window sill, gazing out the window longingly. However, you can’t do that without a window.. This window has the vintage style of small panes to be able to perfectly replicate this fantasy.

Designer: Mikael Wingård

Start dreaming withPinshape.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Bathroom Set

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Bathroom Set

For a house to be complete, a proper bathroom is vital. This set of DIY Barbie accessories even comes with a toilet paper roll! You can paint it, decorate, print it in a fun color – who said bathrooms have to be boring?

Designer: berkenbusch

Get plumbing onThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Upright Piano

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Upright Piano

One of the most important DIY Barbie accessories for a proper mansion is a grand piano. It’s the center piece everyone gathers ’round for parties, banquets and holidays to sing and be merry. A must for Barbie to entertain her guests!

Designer: Steven Seeberger

Follow the music on: Thingiverse.

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Around the Town


DIY Barbie Accessories London Models

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: London Models

You can’t set up the magical city of London without the iconic telephone booth, postbox, fire hydrant and traffic lights. Now you can print these as DIY Barbie accessories and can set up your own mini-London wherever you are and dream of a British getaway. Just remember to drive on the left!

Designer: Christiano Maci

Find them on: MyMiniFactory.


DIY Barbie Accessories Cafe Scene

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Cafe Scene

When you’re out on the town, a stop in a coffee shop/cafe is inevitable. Now Barbie can enjoy this pit stop too with this cute set of DIY Barbie accessories that replicate a cafe scene, complete with a circular table, swivel bar stools, plates, bowls, and coffee cups.

Designer: Darren Holtz

Check it out onThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Whimsical Fairy Garden Kit

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Whimsical Fairy Garden Kit

This set of DIY Barbie accessories replicates a whimsical fairy garden, complete with a bridge, picket fencing, flower pots, bird bath, and more. It’s a must need for throwing a fantastical garden party. All that’s left is to add some twinkle lights in the tress and send out the invitations.

Designer: steveweber314

Get whimsical withThingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Carriage

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Carriage

To attend a ball, one must not only have proper dress, but also a proper ride. This carriage accounts for just that, while being stylishly elegant. There are two different lengths, with an extension to fit Barbie’s long legs.

Designer: Demetrius Siachames

Ride in style with: Thingiverse.

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DIY Barbie Accessories Doll Display Stand

Image of DIY Barbie Accessories: Doll Display Stand

Some barbies are meant to be played with, some barbies are meant to be cherished on a mantel. If you have one of the newer collectors Barbie, you may have noticed it doesn’t come with a stand anymore. This little guy fixes that problem so you can stand up your Barbies and display them again.

Designer: Norbert H Davis

Check it out onPinshape.

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