Listen Up!
22 Best Headphone Stands and Headset Stands to 3D Print

Sure, you could have an ordinary headset stand, or you could make some big audio dynamite with a 3D printed headphone stand. Choose wisely!

Pinky and the Brain
3D Printed Adapter for Big-Hole 45 rpm Record

Record label issues big-hole 45 RPM vinyl, together with a limited-edition 3D printed adapter in the shape of a pink brain.

Robot Grooves
Light-Up Helmet Steals the Show in Jamiroquai Music Video

For his Automaton music video, Jamiroquai frontman wears illuminated 3D printed headgear crafted by London-based designer Moritz Waldemeyer.

3D Printing in the Music Classroom

What would happen if a music classroom had access to a 3D printer, and if a music teacher included 3D printing in their lessons?

Thing of the Week
3D printed Headphone Holder

You sure don’t want to throw your expensive headphones on a shelf when you're finished with them. Maker Tosh has a great solution.

3D Printed Speakers
3D Printed Speaker Rocks!

More and more people are creating their own designs and their own 3D printed audio speaker models. Why not print your own?

Rocking Out
Rock Out with a Skull-Themed 3D Printed Microphone Casing

Attention all metalheads! Here’s the perfect stage prop for your singer: A Skeletor 3D printed microphone casing, designed by ODD guitars. 

Make Your Rooms Sound Better
3D Printed Sound Absorbers Will Bring Relief To Your Ears

Got a noisy office, home or studio? These 3D printed sound absorbers will bring you professional results (and relief to your ears).

Canned Audio
Vie Shair Headphones with 3D Printed Sonic Cages

Do headphones hurt your ears and cut you off from the outside world? Kickstarter Vie Shair uses 3D printing and Yamaha audio to fight back.

Satellite of Love
Signal Tide Makes Music with Alien Transmissions and 3D Printing

In space, no one can hear you sing; Signal Tide brings together extraterrestrial transmissions, generative music, and 3D printing.

BCN3D Creates 3D Printed Marble Machine For Sonar Music Festival

Domestic Data Streamers and Spotify collaborate with BCN3D to create The Timekeeper 3D printed marble machine for Sonar Music Festival. 

This Pod is Printed
Bumpy is an Open Source 3D Printed Music Player

It's an open source music player with an adorable name -- Bumpy -- and the shell is 3D printed on a Formlabs SLA 3D printer.

Feelin' Groovy
Magnetic: 3D Printed Animated Bust in Dan Sultan Music Video

Musician Dan Sultan's video for his song 'Magnetic' features a animated 3D printed bust of himself "singing" the title track.

Rap Video With A Side of 3D Printed Jewelry
The Black Crook: The First 3D Printed Music Video

Check out the first 3D printed music video, called The Black Crook, which remixes the story of Frankenstein with hip hop beats and 3D printed jewelry. 

Life Imitating Art
The Chemical Brothers “Wide Open” to 3D Printing in New Video

The Chemical Brothers release new music video for "Wide Open", a heartwarming story about a dancing girl, an empty studio, and 3D printed voronoi patterns.