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Kickstarter Meets Shapeways With 3D Printed Guitar Triller

Guitar Triller

Need a gift for the picky guitarist in your life? Crowdfunded Guitar Triller is offering 3D printed models of their new tool this December.

What makes for a successful crowdfunding campaign? A good product, and a good angle. The Guitar Triller has both. It not only offers a new way to play guitars, but also a 3D printed model can be ordered via Shapeways immediately following the campaign.

A new sound (Image: Guitar Triller)
A new sound (Image: Guitar Triller)

The idea first came to creator and guitarist Alex Bodnar at a Steve Vai concert. While guitarists are normally limited to fingers and picks, Alex was shocked to see a whammy bar used to play a tune. It created a completely different sound. Though similar to a dulcimer hammer, the tool was difficult to replicate. He soon set out to design a brand new guitar tool from scratch.

Guitars are known for their ability to produce all kinds of sounds and combinations. The Triller both adds a new level of musicality and gives guitarists something new to play with. Hearing and seeing it in action certainly leaves an impression. There is no shortage of new possibilities.

Want a Guitar Triller In Time For The Holidays?

The makers, however, did not want their eager backers stuck waiting several months for their new Triller. Once the campaign ends, backers can receive a 3D printed model of the Triller. The normal production line Trillers start at 15$. Backers pledging 65$ before Wednesday get a 3D printed one in time for the holidays, courtesy of Shapeways.

Shapeways is a popular 3D printing marketplace and service, with plenty of expertise. Click here for more details.

As the campaign is already fully-funded, there is little to lose on this gamble. They’ve raised over $20,000 and still have 15 days to go. If you’re looking for cool gifts for the musician in your life, definitely check this out. See the video below for a look into the newest guitar tool.