Different Strokes
3D Printing a New Twist on Famous Van Gogh Painting

Self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh gets recreated with 3D printing thanks to collaboration between Custom Prototypes and the Van Gogh Studio.

Ham-er Time
3D Printing Unlocks The Secrets Of The Portable Pork Clock

Discovered in 18th-century Italy -- and entertaining historians ever since -- the pork clock sundial works once again thanks to 3D printing.

Band Aid
3D Scanning & 3D Printing Unwraps Ancient Mummy Secrets

At a new exhibition in Sydney, Australia, 3D technology is used to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Mummy -- including causes of death.

3D Printed Shipwreck Model Built by High School Students

Students at Henryk Sienkiewicz’s technical school in Poland learnt about history and 3D printing while recreating a German gunboat shipwreck.

Ancient Wonders
Joint Mitnor Cave in Devon Reopens with 3D Printed Fossil Replicas

Joint Mitnor cave in the UK, ransacked by thieves two years ago, is reopening with the stolen fossils replaced by 3D printed duplicates.

My Big Fat Greek Artifact
University Uses 3D Printing to Bring Ancient Greek Artifacts to Life

Students from the Victoria University in Wellington are using 3D printing for hands-on learning experience with ancient Greek artifacts.

Take Home a Piece of History
British Museum Embarks on New Dimension in Home Shopping

Thanks to the wonders of 3D scanning and printing, you'll soon be able to buy a perfect replica of your favorite item from the British Museum.

Pretty Mummy
Lady of Cao: Ancient Face Reconstructed with 3D Printing

The face of an ancient leader, the Lady of Cao, has been reconstructed by scientists in Peru using 3D scanning and printing techniques.

The Art of Tomorrow
Heritage Science Project to Preserve 3D Printed Art

As more artists begin using 3D printing in their work, the need grows for heritage science to preserve their work for future generations.

Top Gun
Hawker Typhoon Restored with 3D Printed Cockpit Brackets

Renishaw engineers use the AM250 3D printer to restore 1938 Hawker Typhoon aircraft for the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester, UK.

3D Printed Death Masks to Bridge Gap Between Life and Death

A new series of Stratasys 3D printed death masks by Neri Oxman to be unveiled at the ‘Fear and Love’ exhibition in London’s Design Museum.

We Can Do It
3D Printed Rosie the Riveter From We the Builders

We the Builders are working on their fourth project; United States icon Rosie the Riveter will be 3D printed by many people across the world.

Bull of Nimrud Destroyed by Isis recreated with 3D Printing

Destroyed by ISIS last year, a replica of the Bull of Nimrud will be 3D printed in Rome to raise awareness of cultural heritage preservation.

Printing the Past
Scientists have 3D Printed a Replica of Otzi the Iceman

5,300 year old Otzi the Iceman gets a 3D Printed replica, as featured in PBS documentary series "Nova" episode titled "Iceman Reborn."