Feels on Wheels
3D Printed Electric Wheelchair Kit made by High Schoolers

To give a basic push-chair more oomph, a high-school robotics team developed an electric wheelchair kit using Arduino and 3D printing.

Freemium Trial!
SelfCAD Offers Free Licenses for Students and Teachers for 3 Years

SelfCAD, the online 3D Modeling Software company, has announced it's offering both students and teachers free licenses for 3 years.

Researchers Invent 3D Printed Robot Lab to Study Fruit Flies

Thanks to researchers from Imperial College London, scientists can now 3D print a Raspberry Pi-powered mini lab to study fruit flies.

Extruding Knowledge
MIT Announces Free Additive Manufacturing Training Webinar in December

Looking to learn more about additive manufacturing? On December 5, MIT is hosting a free training webinar with Professor John Hart. 

Extruding Knowledge
Teacher’s Guide to 3D Printing Classes and Curriculum

Looking for free resources for 3D printing classes? Read our guide to get 3D printing curricula, videos and materials for your classes. 

9 Important 3D Printing Concepts Everyone Should Know

When learning about additive manufacturing, 3D printing concepts can be easily explained though 3D printed models. Try it for yourself.

Turn the Page
Build a 3D Printing Library: The Best 3D Printing Books

Want to learn more about the wonderful world of 3D printing? These 3D printing books are the perfect place to start. Start your 3D printing library today!

Inner Space
How 3D Printing and Scanning Technologies Can Relieve Vertigo

Two companies, Vestibular​ ​Today​ ​and​ ​3D​ ​Brooklyn​, have collaborated on a​ ​3D​ ​printed​ ​inner​ ​ear to assist vertigo sufferers.

No Giggling at the Back
Helping Blind Students Learn with 3D Printed Sex-Ed Organs

Visually impaired students may miss out on cringy sex education videos, but 3D printed sex-ed organs can help them learn through touch.

Vorsprung Durch Technik?
3D Printer Kit Review: Fischertechnik 536624

The Fischertechnik 536624 is a 3D printer kit for the German educational toy market. Is it any good? Thomas Sanladerer isn't convinced.

Splinter Cell
Metamaterial Mechanisms: 3D Printed Door Handle & No Moving Parts

Need a new door handle? These "metamaterial mechanisms" developed at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut are functional objects without moving parts.

Beep Bop Boop
Turn your BBC micro:bit into a 3D Printed Microbot

Say hello to Microbot! Fresh after yesterday's UK launch, here's a project to turn your BBC micro:bit into a robot with 3D printing.

One Giant Print
3D Print a Model of the Apollo 11 Command Module

The Smithsonian partnered with Autodesk to 3D scan the Apollo 11 command module “Columbia", and have released 3D printable files online.

Lights Out
Why Not 3D Print a Pinhole Projector for Total Eclipse 2017?

A TOTAL ECLIPSE is coming! Where in the United States are you? NASA is offering a set of 3D printable pinhole projectors for your home state.

Girls Just Wanna Have STEM Education
Teenage Girls Invent Solar-Powered Tent for Homeless with 3D Printing

A group of teenage girls from San Fernando are learning about engineering while developing a solar-powered tent for homeless people.