3D printing materials

Filament Shootout
PLA vs ABS: Filaments for 3D Printing Explained & Compared

PLA vs ABS: Which 3D printer filament should you use? We simply explain the differences and the fields of application of ABS and PLA Filament.

Aid for your buying decision
FDM vs SLA: 3D Printing Explained and Compared

FDM vs SLA: All3DP compares these competing 3D printing technologies and explains which technology to use for which purpose.

Ceramic 3D Printers
Ceramic 3D Printing – The Essential Guide

3D printed ceramics are practical and decorative. Learn more about ceramic 3D printing or even build your own ceramic 3D printer.

Fantastic Plastic
Voxeljet’s PPC²-Technology Promises Better Quality of Investment Casting Parts

3D printer manufacturer Voxeljet announced PPC², a new powder technology that wants to raise the quality of investment casting parts.

Living in a material world
3D Printing Materials Guide 2017 – The Complete Overview

Read our comprehensive 3D printing materials guide to learn about the materials used for home and industrial 3d printing today.

Making Things Smart
4D Printing – All You Need to Know

What is 4D printing? How does a 4D printer work? Read our essential guide to learn more about this amazing technology.

Better Prototyping
3D Printed Circuit Boards: First PCB 3D Printers Available Soon

3D printing service Sculpteo starts offering CarbonMide, an extremely stiff, strong and light material suited for professional 3D prints.

5 Reasons Why ABS Needs To Go Away

ABS was great, but we really need to move on, says Miles Scott. There are materials less poisonous, easier to print, and environmentally friendly.

Reconstruct Keys from A Photo
The TSA Got Hacked. But What About Your Door Keys?

With TSA master keys in the wild, the security of your luggage is at risk. But can you make a 3D printed key from a photo? All3DP finds out.

Better Than Styrofoam
How To Make A 3D Printed Architecture Model

3D printing architecture models offer a lot of advantages - but you do have to consider some things first. Here‘s what you need to know.

Super Strong
Fiber-Reinforced Nylon as Strong as Aluminium

3D Hubs is the first 3D printing service to offer fiber-reinforced nylon, which makes printed objects even stronger than aluminum!

Shiny and New
ColorFabb’s New nGen_LUX Filament Sparkles in the Spotlight

If you're looking to add a little brilliance to your next 3D print, check out colorFabb's soon-to-be-released filament: nGen_LUX.

Keep Your Spool Cool
Polymaker Seeks to Keep Filament Safe with PolyBox Container

Polymaker unveils the PolyBox, a container that keeps plastic filaments protected from moisture and sits beside a desktop 3D printing system.

Makefast Workshop
3D Printing Experiments: Adding Water, Sand, and Metal

The team over at Makefast Workshop did several 3D printing experiments and added materials such as water, sand and metal into their prints.

Carbon For The Masses
Sculpteo Debuts CarbonMide: Stiff, Strong, Lightweight 3D Printing Material

3D printing service Sculpteo starts offering CarbonMide, an extremely stiff, strong and light material suited for professional 3D prints.