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3D Printed Fishing Rods – 5 Great Curated Models

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by Caleb Swabel
Feb 26, 2019

Fishing is a popular hobby, but it can sometimes be a little boring... Let's improve it with 3D printing! These five fishing rods are (mostly) quick to print and provide an easy and inexpensive intro to what will hopefully become a lifetime hobby.

3D Printed Fishing Rods 1. Traditional Rod and Fly Fishing Reel

Looks great in different colors!
Looks great in different colors! Source: RCLifeOn / Thingiverse

What is it? This 3D printed fishing rod consists of eight different pieces that need to be glued together. It’s a great design that’s proven to be very popular. The complete rod requires a reel designed by a separate maker. It also requires some assembly and extra parts.

Who created it? RCLifeOn and sthone

Who made it? In addition to RCLifeOn’s print, two other Thingiverse users have reported successful makes of the rod using different materials. sthone’s fishing reel, on the other hand, boasts a whopping 13 makes, 3D printed using a variety of machines and filaments.

Where to find it? Thingiverse (Rod, Reel)

3D Printed Fishing Rods 2. Emergency Compact "Rod"

Keep it with you always.
Keep it with you always. Source: Cleven / Thingiverse

What is it? This fishing rod is a mini compact “rod” to be used for emergencies. As suggested by the creator, it can be kept in a pack or bag until needed, as it’s super compact. On the other hand, it may not be that easy to use…

Who created it? Cleven

Who made it? This micro rod has an amazing total of 24 makes on Thingiverse, making it a fantastically popular little model in almost every color imaginable.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

3D Printed Fishing Rods 3. Pocket Rod

Small and easy to use!
Small and easy to use! Source: 1nxtmonster. / Instructables

What is it? Fish can’t resist this compact but practical fishing rod. It’s a functional pocket rod that’s printed in four parts.

Who created it? 1nxtmonster.

Who made it? This model has multiple popular comments and suggestions, suggesting it’s been made by many members of the 3D printing community. Additionally, the instructions are presented in a simple but detailed format, so you shouldn’t have any trouble replicating this tool.

Where to find it? Instructables

3D Printed Fishing Rods 4. Big Bertha

The full length rod.
The full length rod. Source: 3Dwizard / My Mini Factory

What is it? This fully functional full-size fishing rod is a 3D printable masterpiece. 

Who created it? Caleb Scotch

Who made it? With 26 downloads and over 700 views, this is a popular model for fishing. Created in Tinkercad, this model is a very detailed example of what can be created using the most basic of design software.

Where to find it? My Mini Factory

3D Printed Fishing Rods 5. Fly Rod and Tackle Kit

The rod in a sweet pink.
The rod in a sweet pink. Source: pyrophreek / Thingiverse

What is it? Tried and true, this full fishing kit requires just a line and you’re good to go! Despite being 21 inches in length, it’s quick to print and assemble, with removable rafts integrated into the model.

Who created it? Mister_G

Who made it? While only boasting a couple of makes, the creator has been very active in responding to comments by makers, ensuring that any problems have been taken care of.

Where to find it? Thingiverse

Feature image source: jhug / Thingiverse

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