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Hello, (3D Printed) Dolly!

3D Printed Doll – 5 Amazing True-to-Life Projects

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by Narée Asherian
Jul 27, 2019

3D printing is a process capable of producing custom, detailed models; thus creating life-like dolls is a great application. Let's see what 3D printing has to offer in the world of miniature people-making.

3D Printed Doll Projects Why Do They Exist?

3D printed cake toppers.
3D printed cake toppers. Source: holodeckheads.com

3D printers can produce detailed designs quite consistently in small batches, so it’s only natural that toymakers and toy enthusiasts have begun to use this technology to create realistic dolls. The technology required to produce such organic geometry on a small scale was previously out of reach to all but a handful of designers in professional industry, so when 3D printing became more accessible to the masses, a multitude of solo designers got cracking.

These are just a few of the most lifelike doll designs people have created and printed, right now.


3D Printed Doll Projects Clone Factory

A likeness of a man in clone trooper armor.
A likeness of a man in clone trooper armor. Source: jpninfo.com

Is a photograph of a special event in your life simply not enough? Clone Factory is here to help. With their services, consumers have the ability to 3D print their faces onto lifelike dolls. Pose for a DSLR camera to produce a picture, which then goes into a printer that transforms the scan of your likeness into plaster.

These dolls have become incredibly popular in Japanese culture, particularly with women who wish to preserve their wedding days or other memorable events – in fact, people go so far as to dress their custom dolls with replicas of the clothes they wore that particular day. Unfortunately, if you’re interested in preserving an important life event in this way, you’ll have to travel all the way to Akihabara, Japan, to do so!


3D Printed Doll Projects Kaeriefaerie52

A graceful 3D printed elf.
A graceful 3D printed elf. Source: Kaeriefaerie52 / Etsy

Kaeriefaerie52‘s wares reflect their shop name – from elves and fairies to gargoyles and merfolk, this Etsy shop advertises whimsical figurines printed via Shapeways. Originally modeled in ceramic, the dolls are photographed and the images are fed into specialized software to make them printable in durable plastic. After that, they’re painted by hand and dressed in fairy finery.


3D Printed Doll Projects HoloDeck3DStudios

Twinning! Source: HoloDeck3DStudios / Etsy

HoloDeck3DStudios believes that two heads are better than one – and if you agree, this is the product for you! This Seattle-based designer creates adorable custom 3D heads for Lego figurines. Snap a photo of yourself (with your flash on) and their studio will send you a perfect replica to be used with any Lego body. They also offer wedding cake toppers and even tiny 3D printed political figures. 


3D Printed Doll Projects CustomLifeES

Pop culture meets 3D printing - this is a Demogorgon.
Pop culture meets 3D printing - this is a Demogorgon. Source: CustomLifeES 5 / Etsy

CustomLifeES brings pop culture’s favorite characters to life, in miniature form. They offer resin-cast or 3D printed versions of everyone’s favorite video game and movie characters. The 3D models are PLA printed, sanded down, and adorned in acrylic paint. In addition to the “Stranger Things”‘ Demogorgon, the Etsy shop also offers figurines from Mario, Star Wars, Pac Man, and the Avengers. 


3D Printed Doll Projects Twelvemo

A Twelvemo doll, printed in PLA plastic.
A Twelvemo doll, printed in PLA plastic. Source: Twelvemo / Etsy

Etsy is home to a host of 3D printed treasures, including the work of user Twelvemo. According to the seller’s biography, “the word Twelvemo is an old bookbinding term for a small book…also a small thing or person” – a perfect description for the wares they sell. Initially designed for animation sketch purposes, Twelvemo dolls are collectible, poseable figurines. They are printed piece-by-piece with PLA filament and assembled by hand. 


3D Printed Doll Projects The Future of Dollmaking

Who would guess this delicate doll was 3D printed?
Who would guess this delicate doll was 3D printed? Source: Kaeriefaerie52 / Etsy

There are a multitude of exciting new designs in the world of doll-making, and while they may be niche for now, they might soon become more popular as their production becomes more streamlined. In the meantime, be sure to check out these amazing projects!

Feature image source: huffpost.com

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