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The OBI 0.5 is a 3D Printed Open Source Bicycle

Open Source Bicycle

Forget the bus. No more cramped tram. The Open Source Bicycle is the best use of your 3D printer this season.

This story started with two students in the Netherlands. In a country where bike lanes rule, Paul de Medeiros and Stef De Groot wanted to make a 3D printable design that actually mattered. Enter The Bike Project (Open Source Bike), and the world’s first 3D printable open source bike with the nice shortcut OBI.

No mechanic required! (image: The Bike Project)
No mechanic required! (image: The Bike Project)

So how is the project going?

Here are 5 facts about the OBI bike to make you drool.

  1. Low cost. Because the design itself is open source and the printer does all of the work, the bike should cost around €400 — that’s cheaper than a brand new bike. Plus, when something breaks, needs to be changed, or you simply want to try something new, all you need is a design and a 3D printer.
  2. Unique Look. The OBI looks kind of like it was 3D printed — and it’s awesome. Nothing says “I’m riding off at full speed into the future” quite like this design.
  3. Easy as pie. With all of their files in Autodesk Fusion 360’s files on the cloud, users can access designs in the blink of an eye.
  4. Modular Design. The bike itself is also the first of its kind. Entirely modular, pieces can be removed and inserted with total ease. No expensive tools or skills necessary.
  5. It’s Open Source. There is no better way to create the bike of your dreams than customizing it with open source files and technologies. Plus, there is no one more worthy of support than thoughtful start-ups that value sharing knowledge via open source tech.

The bike can be found and printed online, but the duo is also looking for any partners who may expedite the process.

They’re still in prototyping, but should have juicy news for the public any day now. We’ll keep you updated. (via: Autodesk)