Come Back Baby!

“Run Baby Run!” Stars 3D Printed Baby Running Around World

Run Baby Run!

Stop-motion short “Run Baby Run!” is magical, bizarre, and involves 3D printed babies running around the world (for no apparent reason).

“Run Baby Run!” is a compelling video from artist Eran Amir. It is dazzling, surprising, and beyond strange. If you ever wanted to see a 3D Printed baby run stop-motion through the world, this is your (possibly only) chance. If you enjoy horror film-esque baby dolls, then this soon-to-go-viral video is also for you.

Run Baby Run!

Creator Amir is known for creating videos that seem impossible. For this work, he used several 3D printed babies (of the eerily pale white variety) and recorded them in stop motion. They are attached to a thick wire, almost like a selfie-stick (pictured below).

This was no easy task, as he had to prepare, photograph, and swap the babies out multiple times just to get a few seconds of footage. The video took three months to plan and shoot.

3D Printed Baby just likes to get some fresh air
3D Printed Baby just likes to get some fresh air

The videos are shot all over the world. Amir was lucky to be traveling quite often, and shot footage in New York, Chicago, Boston, Germany and even Israel. He describes the video as “a snapshot of life over the past few months.” He took the babies everywhere with him, causing—as expected—some stir at several airports.

“The hardest part was going through airport security with a suitcase full of 3D-printed babies. On the first flight, they actually scanned each one of the babies individually!”

In addition to the short video, Amir also released a “making of” video you can find below.

It includes behind-the-scenes footage and, best of all, some horribly deformed misprints. Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for the all-natural, no-green screened or digitally manipulated video, “Run Baby Run!”

If you figure out the deeper message behind its story, please let us know. We have no idea.

(Via: The Creator’s Project)